The positions of the CAQ peeled

News 11 February, 2018
  • File Photo, Sebastien St-Jean
    François Legault and Jean-François Roberge of the CAQ, during the last caucus présessionnel of the party on the 23rd of January last, in Sainte-Adèle.

    Charles Lecavalier

    Sunday, 11 February, 2018 00:00

    Sunday, 11 February, 2018 00:00

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    The party of François Legault is way out in first place in the polls. But that truly offers the Coalition avenir Quebec ? The Journal paints a portrait of the positions expressed so far by François Legault.

    The CAQ… the “extreme centre”

    François Legault believes that he is not a man to the right of the political spectrum.

    “I’m never going to accept that. I am a pragmatist. I want to invest in education. I want a government efficient. For me, if it is extreme, it is of the extreme center. “

    – August 2017

    Reduce taxes

    It is a mantra repeated by François Legault : reduce the tax burden of taxpayers. In addition to the tax cuts already announced by the liberals, the CAQ offers :

    An additional reduction of the school tax to$ 780 Million. It is a uniform tax at the lower rate for all of Québec’s regions.

    The chief caquiste says that further announcements of tax cuts will follow. It is estimated that the margin of manoeuvre of Quebec allows it to reduce State revenue and increase services.

    It does not use a portion of the payments to the generations fund to reduce taxes.

    A reform of the voting

    The CAQ is committed, with the Parti québécois and Québec solidaire, to change the mode of voting if it takes power. “It is a commitment that we have made, to have a mode [proportional] mixed from the first term,” said François Legault this week.

    For a strong Quebec in a united Canada

    In 2012, François Legault was charged by Jean Charest, in full electoral campaign, preparing in secret a referendum on sovereignty. “It could very well change your mind, as it is so unreliable. During 40 years of his life, he was the more eager of the separatists ! From one day to the next, it changes “, said the former prime minister.

    Since then, François Legault has clarified the constitutional position of the CAQ : “Rally around a project that will allow Québec to move forward and assert itself within Canada “. The CAQ is ” nationalist “.

    In 2016, for the avoidance of doubt, the party shall adopt its article 1 :

    “The CAQ is a nationalist party modern, of which the primary objective is to ensure the development and prosperity of the quebec nation within Canada, while defending with pride in its autonomy, its language, its values and its culture “.

    The CAQ offers:

    • Get more power with the bilateral agreements.
    • Income tax return single.
    • Equalization zero.
    • Transfer of tax points.
    • Do not focus on the major constitutional discussions.

    The third way

    François Legault wants to replace the Parti québécois as a force nationalist party, the “blue” facing the ” red ” liberals.

    “There are similarities [with the national Union], but we will not return to the Great Darkness. There are subjects with which one disagrees, but to say that we are going to appropriate more power, that we will be independent economically, it is still good today, ” said chief caquiste in 2014.


    Change the mode of remuneration of physicians to move towards a system by patient : compensation based on the volume of patients cared for, rather than on the number of actions.

    • Unembedding of doctors.
    • Double the budget for the meals in NURSING homes.
    • Not more private.

    The brain of the QCA health is Dr. Lionel Carmant, neurologist at the hôpital Sainte-Justine (in the photo). In January, he defended the public network.

    Photo Chantal Poirier

    Dr. Lionel Carmant, neurologist

    “The important thing is the universality of care. […] I don’t want to be more private. Our [health system] public is a jewel of Quebec. “


    • Threshold reduction of immigration of 50 000 to 40 000 per year.
    • Test values for the newcomers.

    The revenge of the cradles

    Preserve the identity of québec by an increase in the birth rate by giving a recurring amount to parents for the second and third children. The exact amounts have not been specified.


    In Quebec, François Legault promises the realization of the third link.

    To link Quebec city and Montreal, the CAQ supports the rail project to high frequency on the North Shore.

    Trade online

    The CAQ does not yet have a position on the online business. Rather than taxing Netflix, François Legault is considering eliminating the QST, both on products online and in shops in Quebec for certain categories of goods.

    A new deal for the regions

    In the fall of 2014, François Legault, in full attempt of seduction of the regions of Quebec, has proposed a new deal : a massive injection of public capital with Investment Quebec to boost and diversify the economy of the regions.

    Of the dams, but in 10 years

    In 2016, François Legault had promised James bay in the 21st century, a project that would create “thousands of jobs paying” re-launching the construction of hydroelectric works. This project will not take place until almost a decade, he admitted in 2018.


    • Transform the school boards in service centers.
    • Kindergarten 4-year available free of charge everywhere in Quebec, but not mandatory.
    • Strategy of early screening and intervention of the problems of neuro-development for all children in Quebec.
    • Is considering to raise the salary of teachers.
    • School is compulsory until 18 years, or a diploma.