The power of thought – endless energy

Techno 21 January, 2018

2018-01-21 10:55

The power of thought – endless energy
To be able to think.“Every thought is energy. We fueled this idea. Where the focus of our attention energy is flowing.

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When someone worries about their adult children or friends, thus this man feeds them their energy and helps to carry “a piece of someone else’s cross“, reports Rus.Media. In fact, this person doesn’t gives them the right to choose their own Way. In this case, even the most positive thoughts will be of little value to someone you energetically feed off of your thoughts.

“Every thought is energy. We fueled this idea. Where the focus of our attention –

there flowing energy. To intervene in a strange Way its good things is not always right.”

Parent positive thoughts about children, which are expressed in specific danceform, sometimes strongly overlapping children their Way.

Filled with the energy of the phrase: “I know how you will be better – like this and like that”. This is already shaping danceform that are blocking the development of that situation. Investing positive energy in the good wishes, it is not necessary to invest thought “how exactly is that good to manifest itself for man.”

To positive or negative thoughts and the emotional component – energy. The stronger it is, the events with the sign + or faster are formed on the Thin plan. The more the energy of the emotions we invest, when you think, the more this process changes the life plan is changing the space around the person, which you think. This is an invasion of his personal space.

What happens when the negative thoughts?

One person thought about another person is bad. If the object of his thinking had the same thought, then this situation is manifested in the energetic field. If he thinks about the man who has no synchronism in frequency with these thoughts, no matter how strong was not sent to the energy – of the energy field he can’t change!

Because the vibrational background of the other person above, i.e. low vibration of the opinion that refers visokoobrazovna man he doesn’t get and of the energy field does not change. But she thought, very much like a boomerang, changing the energy field of the man who sent it to me. He sent a thought at 10U.e. and got a strike in response to 20U.e. and even at 30V.e. It all depends on the emotional component of the message.

“Every thought is energy. We fueled this idea. Where the focus of our attention –

there flowing energy.

The first option

For example, two women discuss a third. What would wasn’t told about it, no matter how much dirt was stirring, the third woman blossoms. And the energy they send, is simply energy. The third man gets the energy for your business!

Whatever its structure, must possess certain properties. You need to have a high internal potential. People with a high level of energy potential, usually don’t think about others.

The second option

Two low-energy person sending the negative-structured energy to each other. He and the other receiving holes in the energy fields. Ball here and there and flying all leaky.

The third option

If a person has high-frequency energy breaks down and sends a lower-vibration person negative message, here trigger cause-and-effect relationships. In this situation, the person will receive a strong blow in response, where he’ll show you exactly what he did, why his thinking was unconsciously and energetically threat. This situation is the hardest!

What happens when positive thinking?

When it is not Unconditional Love (BL), a person also shares their energy, regardless of alignment with the other person. But he is no expansion of the energy structure. Steady state fields, but energy fields are at the limit. They only have time to fill energopotential, but strong distortion does not happen.

When a person sends BL in relation to another person, then totally free of any thoughts, and only Unconditional Love and as. On the subtle plane, it is as follows: love Energo is fully accumulated in the person whom sent, and she immediately prescribed a potential. The person who sends BL, energy and its energy state do not decrease, but increase in several times at the time of the promise of Love.

We not only transform love and started to generate!

Conditional love high-energy person towards another person standing at a low energy level is perceived as invasion of the energy field. It is manifested with the burning ears, cheeks, entire face. It is necessary to consider those who are increasing their ratios. When interacting with people — be attentive and careful to their condition. Untrained structures is hard to perceive this Love.

If you had some idea about the person, you need not to think about the person, and to reflect on why came up with the idea. Learn to filter and learn how to be in the mental silence. It is also work! Through prayer, Through the call of his VYA, love and gratitude and forgiveness for the implementation. Thus, forgiveness returns the energy that is given to align the relationship on a subtle level. To forgive, when forgiveness asks!

Nothing now happens for a reason. We all reproduce themselves in their lives for themselves. Child we give BL throughout the volume. Loved, loved the woman, we also give Freedom and Love, that which we can give without conditions. This is the best that we can give and get in return the best. What kind of relationship we build these relationships we get in return!

As a woman passes their energy to their family members? When he thinks about them. When a woman thinks about the man, she gives him his energy. When a woman thinks about some event, she put their energy to this event come true.

When you are watching TV, where is the energy? You think about the drive. Oh how beautiful, interesting. And it gets you an incredible boost of vitality. The secret of the success of the stars that love them thousands. They are not only on its own energy but due to the fact that they feed every day with thoughts of them thousands and thousands of people across the planet.

And what is your energy when you are replaying a negative to a person? For example, all think, what kind of neighbor you are arrogant and wrong. And she’s staring again, something new bought, go, happy, smiling. Because you constantly, day after day, give her your precious life energy.

Our world is a world of people reacting, not thinking – and today to be able to think is extremely important. Jack trout “In search of the obvious”.