The president invents facts in front of Justin Trudeau

News 15 March, 2018
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    President Donald Trump has welcomed a firm handshake to the prime minister Justin Trudeau to Washington, d.c., in 2017.

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    Thursday, 15 march, 2018 23:27

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    OTTAWA | The falsehoods of the president Donald Trump supported before Justin Trudeau could break the trust between the two countries “best friends” in the middle of the renegotiations already strained NAFTA.

    “The president is wrong, it is of no consequence. He put me in a fury. To deal with Canada, our best friend, in this manner breaks the bond of trust “, has let go of Bruce Heyman, the american ambassador in Ottawa under Barack Obama.

    On Thursday, the Washington Post published excerpts from a speech by Donald Trump in front of donors, in which he claims to have outright invented information during a conversation with the prime minister Justin Trudeau. He even tried to imitate the voice of the PM to the joke.

    The story has triggered a wave of protests against the american president on the internet on Thursday.

    According to the story of Mr. Trump, Justin Trudeau would have explained that the U.s. exports more goods to Canada than they import.

    “He was so proud, so I said : “Wrong, Justin, you have a [trade deficit].” I had no idea ! “said the president, referring to the PM of “nice” and ” handsome man “.

    Of fake news

    But according to their own statistics, the United States actually have a trade surplus with Canada, is reminiscent of the cabinet of Justin Trudeau. A fact that Mr. Trump still refuses to believe it, since he has reiterated his version of events on Twitter, Thursday.

    Experts warn that we must now expect that Donald Trump misrepresents the truth to his advantage.

    “The way Trump bargain, this is it. An attempt to destabilize the other, sometimes to exaggerate, to put his interlocutor on the defensive, ” says Frédérick Gagnon, professor at the UQAM and holder of the Chaire Raoul-Dandurand on the United States. “

    The president, Trump believes that his country is the victim of all its trade agreements, he said, and he proves it by speaking only of the few sectors for which there is in fact a trade deficit.


    Shocked by the words of the president, the ex-ambassador Heyman is anxious about the future of the free trade Agreement north american (NAFTA), currently under renegotiation.

    “Seeing go to the president, since her arrival, I’m worried every day,” he explained to the Journal.

    He advises that Ottawa will continue to re-establish the facts and to not get discouraged by this ” bad pass “.

    “It is not necessary that the Trudeau government forgets that the president Trump represents millions of Americans who do not feel to have taken advantage of NAFTA,” advises his colleague Rafael Jacob, a specialist in the United States.

    Richard W. Painter, chief counsel of the ethics of president George W. Bush

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    “The economic equivalent of “my [nuclear] is bigger than your button” Trump is going to trigger a trade war and destroy the us exports in agriculture. We need to get rid of this president or we prepare the bankruptcy of several u.s. farms. “

    Richard Stengel, a former high-placed in the Obama administration

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    “Even [Richard] Nixon do not boasted, not publicly of his lies. In addition, Trump was wrong : we don’t have a trade deficit with Canada. The business before the security and Trump comes before all else. “