The President of Brazil was considered dead and deprived of pensions In the World : Vladim

News 2 February, 2018

The reason for the refusal was the lack of documents which can confirm the existence of the current head of the country Michel of Tremere. This legislative framework guided by the power of the Brazilian state of são Paulo.


In accordance with information obtained from the news Agency Telam, Michelle Tremer was to confirm the fact that he was still alive in September last year, sending the local authorities the relevant documents, but he did not fulfill it. In the result the latter is not ordered to charge the President of pensions for November and December.

According to the employee of presidential administration, this situation is due to too tight working schedule of the head of the country, which leaves Tremere time to solve the other problems except the government.

Michelle Tremer officially became a pensioner in 1999 in Sao Paulo, when he left the state’s attorney.