The price of milk could increase

News 7 December, 2017
  • Marie-Eve Dumont

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 01:00

    Thursday, December 7, 2017 01:00

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    The consumer could pay up to 12.5 cents over the 2 litres of 2% milk next February, if the demand of dairies to increase the price is accepted.

    Since 2016, the price of milk has remained stable, ranging from 3.30 $ 3.60 $ to 2 L of 2 %. If the proposed increase of 3.48 % is accepted, the minimum price would be approximately 3,41 $ and the maximum is 3.73 per.

    A family who drinks 4 litres of 2 % per week, therefore, could pay up to nearly $ 1 more per month to buy her milk.

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    It is the Régie des marchés agricoles et alimentaires, which sets the minimum and maximum of the price of milk on the shelves in Quebec.

    The Conseil des industriels laitiers du Québec, which represents dairies and cheese factories has asked for this increase based on three criteria : the increase in their own costs, the consumer’s capacity to pay and the index of consumer prices, ” said Charles Langlois, president and ceo of the Council.

    The food retailers Association has requested that a portion of the increase granted by the Régie to be remitted. “The retailers are making less and less money with the milk since 1998, even though the price has increased “, said Pierre-Alexandre Blouin, CEO of the association.