The prime minister asked the migrants to use legal channels

News 24 August, 2017
    Justin Trudeau

    QMI agency

    Wednesday, 23 August, 2017 16:07

    Wednesday, 23 August, 2017 16:07

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    At the end of his meeting with a working group composed of representatives of the various levels of government, the prime minister Justin Trudeau has warned the asylum seekers to use the legal channels to come to the country.

    “Canada is a society that is open and welcoming. We welcome and encourage newcomers, but we are also a country of law,” said from the outset the prime minister.

    “You will not be advantaged if you choose to enter Canada irregularly. You must follow the rules and there are many, he continued. Our first task is to protect our citizens and we will apply the rules in place to protect our communities.”

    Mr. Trudeau explained that several measures have been put in place, including the establishment of shelters for temporary in Cornwall, Ontario, and the hiring of employees at the treatment center of Montreal.

    In addition, the government is in communication with representatives in the United States to dispel myths about entry to Canada.

    The prime minister was involved in discussions with the intergovernmental working group on the question of the arrival of the migrants at the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel, Montreal. He has met people involved in the daily management of the situation, as well as leaders of the haitian community.

    In recent weeks, asylum-seekers arrived in Saint-Bernard-de-Lacolle. The government was obliged to establish shelters to house these new arrivals.

    The prime minister recently said that people who wanted to obtain the status of refugee had to do it by legal ways.

    Emmanuel Dubourg, liberal mp of haitian origin, will fly to Miami Thursday to speak with the community and to warn those who would be tempted to cross the border illegally to seek refugee status, and might have to go back in Haiti. It will include interviews to the media and creoles.