The producers combine to make the promotion of cannabis

News 22 July, 2017
  • AFP

    QMI agency

    Saturday, 22 July, 2017 06:17

    Saturday, 22 July, 2017 06:17

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    The 16 largest canadian producers of cannabis, licensed and regulated, on Friday announced that they would partner together to establish guidelines for the marketing and promotion of this drug. Together, they represent around 90% of the market of medical cannabis today.

    With the canadian Council of medical cannabis and the Cannabis Association Canada, they have announced that it has initiated a collaboration with advertising standards canada (ASC).

    The objective of this alliance is to put in place a strategy of advertising to inform Canadians about the responsible use of cannabis and to protect youth, the public health and safety. But also to enable local producers to compete effectively against the black market.

    “While the federal government is gaining ground in the legalization of cannabis for responsible consumption among adults, it is crucial that producers licensed to be able to combat the black market, while educating adult consumers about the different varieties of products, the responsible use, as well as the differentiation between the cannabis products of high-and low-quality”, one can read in a press release.

    This agreement is in addition to the advocacy of the producers asking the government to include, in the regulations surrounding the legalization of cannabis, allowances for promotion and responsible marketing as tools to combat the black market.