The property of the Ritz put up for auction in Paris : In the World : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

More than 3.5 thousand items of furniture, previously owned by the Paris hotel called the Ritz, will be sold under the hammer in the auction which will be held in the French capital since 17 of April.


The auction, which as lots presented more than 3.5 thousand works of art and furniture, formerly the Ritz, will last for five days in Paris, and he will start already on 17 April. The owners previously owned by Egyptian billionaire named Mohammed al Fayed, has told that with pleasure would retain all pieces of furniture and works of art, but after a successful overhaul of the hotel building there is simply no space for all these items.

Many of the items that will be presented as lots in the upcoming auction, have a high historical value. So, the chairs the hotel had previously been the famous writer Ernest Hemingway, and the popular French writer Marcel Proust once rested on the sofas in the Ritz.