The PS4 unveils official support for its VR headset

Techno 4 January, 2017

You’ve cracked for Sony’s virtual reality headset, but you do not know or store it? We have the solution for you.
If like us, you’ve fallen for the VR headset from Sony and its catalog of games , you’re bound to hit a major problem, namely the storage of the beast. Concretely, once you no longer have it on your head, the helmet quickly finds hanging out on the desk, and you clutter more than anything else. To remedy this, the British manufacturer Numskull is selling support for Playstation Official RV, and quite nice. What proudly show off your toy without fear of damaging it . Note that the holder will not allow you to drag the wires anywhere, nor will it protect your headphones from dust, which is quite a shame, especially if you do not use it all days.

PS4 – Otherwise, it makes you a nice modern art statue

PS4 – A great idea to get rid of cables
As you can see in the pictures, the support consists of a simple head, a metal base and a device allowing you to adjust everything to the height you want. Note also that the support is equipped with a strap to fix some cables that ruin your daily life . To get it, it will take some your troubles patiently, since the support is on sale for about 35 € on Yellow Bulldog , but is currently in large stock shortage. The opportunity to splurge on the VR headset for Sony PS4, which now allows you to view YouTube videos ! What do you think of this official support for Sony VR headphones?