The rant of Bertrand Chameroy against the judgment of UFOS: “W9 sent me in a tricycle on the highway” – Gala

Entertainment, Techno 10 July, 2017


His show only lasted one season : the former protege of Cyril Hanouna, Bertrand Chameroy suffered a dismal failure with his show UFO.

In march 2016, Bertrand Chameroy, chronicler of the issuance TPMP on D8 and protected from Cyril Hanouna, left the program, leaving behind him his colleagues angry.

In July of the same year, W9 announced make school a place of choice for the entertainer, offering several programs in prime time and early evening : ” The arrival of Bertrand Chameroy who has a positive image of modern and fits perfectly in our current dynamics “.

Yet, his show UFO, the info returned, only lasted a season on the channel : Bertrand Chameroy has just announced the cancellation of his weekly appointment.

He confided in TéléStar : ” UFO, it is finished. The program stops due to poor hearing. I close the season with a bitter taste. I am convinced that the failure of UFO could have been avoided. It seems to me that the chain has wanted to go too fast in imposing editorial changes before Christmas, and grid in the beginning of the year. Me programming in prime on Sunday night, W9 sent me in a tricycle on the highway. There were days when I learned the date of programming on Twitter “.

The show was first aired on Tuesday, in the second part of the evening, and then Sunday at 21 hours. It is this choice of programming that had definitely immerse audiences of the talk show, and today reproaches Bertrand Chameroy.

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