The real estate brokers of Quebec declares war on duProprio

News 17 January, 2018
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    Wednesday, 17 January, 2018 19:08

    Wednesday, 17 January, 2018 19:11

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    The Federation of real estate boards in Quebec will leave a memory in the context of the study of bill 141, according to the learned VAT News.

    It accuses the government of failing to protect consumers who deal with a company to assistance to sellers or which offers real estate coaching, as The Owner.

    “I would tell you that it is more serious than Uber”, proclaims Patrick Juaneda, president of the board of directors of the Federation of real estate boards in Quebec.

    Patrick Juaneda has nothing against the web site Of the Owner, but rather it is the orientation that takes the online shopping site bothers him.

    “There will be people who will be able to tell a specialist broker, without a license. Is it that we allow lawyers to come to make coaching legal, I do not believe,” he says.

    The Federation, which represents 13 000 real estate brokers stresses that in order to become a real estate broker, it is necessary to follow a training, to hold a licence and subscribe to a compensation fund.

    “When you are dealing with a broker, you are dealing with someone who will be paid to the results; on the other side, you have someone who will be paid from the start outcome or not”, stresses the president of the Federation of real estate boards.

    DuProprio defends his model

    The representatives Of the Owner have preferred not to make comments to the camera, of VAT New. They say that they do not do real estate brokerage, not to interfere in the transactions; their coach gives tips on sale.

    Quebec looking for free enterprise

    The minister of Finance, Carlos Leitão, has no intention, by clarifying the act of brokerage, of subjecting The Owner to the same rules in the context of the revision of the law.

    “It is to define the act of brokerage, but to define it in such a way as to allow the activity organization as Of the Owner because there is a difference between an act of brokerage and of the council,” insisted the minister.

    The Federation will hear their grievances in a parliamentary commission on Thursday.