The reconstruction was going to be difficult for the Alouettes

Sport 11 October, 2017

Photo: Jeff McIntosh, The canadian Press
The Montreal Alouettes have suffered four setbacks since that Kavis Reed has taken control of the club.

And now ? This is the question posed to most of the supporters of the Larks and — it is hoped — the direction of the club now that the club is eliminated. It is an arduous task.


In 15 games, the team has not found a way to produce on the attack consistently. His big acquisition of the winter, Darian Durant, is confined to the role of second fiddle behind a quarterback, Drew Willy, acquired on the free agent market once the season began.


The other acquisition “impact” to the attack, the receiver Ernest Jackson, is far from having lived up to the expectations. The one that has captured 52 of 91 passes directed to him has not crossed that 693 yards and recorded 5 touchdowns. In the fourth quarter of the game Monday, he dropped a pass which bounced into the hands of Chris Edwards. The latter then crossed without being pissed off 68 yards from the end zone to score the hit that would nail the coffin of the Alouettes.


“This is the kind of game that has plagued our season. The other formations we have not fought ; we fought ourselves “, said the director-general and interim head coach Kavis Reed after the game.


One of the problems of the Alouettes is located precisely here : the evaluation of the troops by the management. The team simply lacks the talent necessary to win his matches.


It is also at this level that Kavis Reed will have to be evaluated at the end of the season. If he has circumvented the problem for now by dismissing Jacques Chapdelaine and the co-ordinator to the defence Noel Thorpe in the month of August, it is necessary to ask if the two men had the necessary elements so that they are successful. The arrival of Reed at the helm suggests that it is not.




Since he took control of the club, Reed has lost four matches and one does not feel absolutely not as the Larks improve. On the contrary. The team is bogged down, so much so that it has registered 65 points against 163 in the course of these four games. Moreover, it is only in the encounter with the Eskimos, lost 42-24 on Monday that the team has appeared in the shot. But she has managed to lose a lead of 15-0 forged in the first 10 minutes of the game, at home to boot.


“It doesn’t take much sometimes, a reversal or something like that and you lose the “momentum”, has attempted to explain the marauder Nicolas Boulay after the game. […] If we starts to pull back, you must continue to fight until the end. “


Fight until the end. A few veterans have advocated for throughout the season, but we might ask if the concept has been adopted by all. For John Bowman in tears and Luc Brodeur-Jourdain at the blank stare in the locker room, there were several Skylarks all smiles on the field of the stade Percival-Molson after this eighth setback in a row, and the exclusion of the series for a third year in a row.


This is clear since the beginning of this horrible sequence : too many players of the Alouettes appear to accept easily the reverse.