The record of north korea on the table of the IOC

Sport 16 August, 2017

Photo: Jung Yeon-I Agence France-Presse
The president of the international olympic Committee, Thomas Bach

The rise of tensions around the nuclear program of North Korea raises questions surrounding the security at the winter olympic Games of 2018, presented in Pyeongchang, South Korea, and the international olympic Committee (IOC) will evaluate the situation at its next meeting.


The meeting of the IOC will take place five months before the presentation of the winter Games, in 80 kilometers from the north Korean border.


If concerns persist for several months because of the nuclear tests, tensions have recently been exacerbated by new sanctions against the regime of Kim Jong-un by the security Council of the united Nations, last week. Threats have been exchanged between the United States and North Korea this week.


“We are monitoring the situation on the Korean peninsula closely, was announced by the IOC on Friday, in Lausanne, Switzerland. The IOC is keeping abreast of developments. We continue to work with the organizing committee on the preparations for the Games. “


The president of the French olympic Committee, Denis Masseglia, said to the Associated Press that the dossier north Korean will be on the agenda of the meeting of the IOC in Lima, Peru, in September.


“There is no reason to be worried about for the moment, has said Masseglia. We are a five-or six-month of the Olympics. We are monitoring the situation closely. Of course, if the voltage rises, we will have to adapt. But Pyeongchang is ready to host the Games. “


Pyeongchang is not the only one to have caused headaches for the IOC. The Games in Sochi in 2014 and Rio de Janeiro in 2016, were presented in spite of the claims made in the chapter of human rights, political scandals and the environment.


“Each host city presents its own unique challenges in terms of security, recalled that the spokesperson of the olympic Committee american, Patrick Sandusky. […] We are working with the organisers, the department of State and the relevant agencies to ensure the safety of our athletes and of our delegation. “


The German Confederation of olympic sports has indicated that she would follow the advice of the ministry of Tourism, who has not given special instructions regarding travel in South Korea.


“We hope of course that the situation is escalating and it is quiet,” said the confederation.