The regulars of the sites with “strawberry” warned of a new danger

Techno 12 February, 2018

2018-02-12 11:22

The regulars of the sites with “strawberry” warned of a new danger
Porn sites were the most dangerous in the Internet through a number of hidden programs for mining bitcoin.

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This is stated in the study 360Netlab, reports Rus.Media.

Experts in the field of cyber security companies have published information about the hidden programs for mining that hackers and unscrupulous site owners embed in the web page. Experts have identified 629 resources with illegal minnhom.

According to the published statistics, the biggest danger for users is in the porn. They occupy almost half of the list of infected resources. Also maineri often mined cryptocurrency through an advertising page and services for the online viewing of TV shows.

Experts noted that the study websites, they used the DNSMon tool designed for the analysis of various anomalies in DNS traffic. With the help of the experts had 300 thousand the most popular pages according to Alexa.