The restaurant musician from A Studio in Moscow found illegal casinos : Crime news : Vladim

News 27 January, 2018

In one of the Moscow restaurants allegedly owned by the Creator of the group A’studio Baigali Serbaeva, found an underground casino. Inside the institution were found a table for playing cards, as well as a machine for shuffling cards, the cards themselves, as well as playing chips.


Search in the restaurant was conducted on 25 Jan. That it belongs to a musician, according to the portal of the institution. In particular, the admins of the site they write that the restaurant is always the music that should not surprise anyone, because the owner of the restaurant – Baigali Sarbaev, the Creator and composer of the band A’studio.


However, the group denied the information that Serebii has any relation to the institution. This was announced by Victoria Nuriyeva. At the moment, the law enforcers check all of the information and trying to identify the owners of illegal casinos.