The return of the Expos is still dreaming of lovers

News 27 March, 2018
  • Étienne Paré

    Tuesday, 27 march, 2018 01:00

    Tuesday, 27 march, 2018 01:00

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    The election of Valérie Plant does not seem to have cooled the dream of bringing a team in major league baseball in the city, if we trust the lovers met yesterday at the entrance to the olympic Stadium, for the annual visit of the Blue Jays.

    “I in any case, I remain optimistic 100 % “, launches from the outset Carmine Teoli, on his arrival at the stadium.

    For this the supporter of the first hour, the return or not of a club of major league baseball to Montreal does not depend so much of the municipal administration, anyway.

    “Politicians are puppets,” he said. If the private sector decides to invest, the City will have no choice but to follow. I’m not even worried about it. “

    Photo Ben Pelosse

    A total of 25 of 335 spectators witnessed a 5-3 loss to the Jays in the face of the Cards, yesterday, at the olympic Stadium.


    Not at any price

    Before and after his election to the city council, Valérie Plant has shown much less enthusiastic than his predecessor, Denis Coderre, about the possibility of a return of a vocational training in Quebec.

    During the election campaign, she was committed to holding a referendum if the City should invest public funds in the construction of a new stadium. A promise she has repeated it yesterday, a few hours before the first of two preseason matchups between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Cardinals of St. Louis, in which 25 335 people attended.

    “Investors will surely end up convincing her. She’ll understand that baseball can be profitable. It is an amazing visibility for Montréal in the United States, ” says Paul Branchaud, proudly wearing a sweater and a cap with the colors of the departed Expos.

    Photo Étienne Paré

    Carmine Teoli


    Things have changed

    Our Loves have left Montreal in 2004 in the turmoil. Before taking the path of Washington, d.c., the Expos played often in front of the grandstands empty.

    “Things have changed. For the past few years, there has been a renewed interest for baseball in Quebec, ” notes Patrick Rinfret, who engages in the sport during his free time.

    According to him, “we’re going to have a new stadium more small” for a return of a baseball team.

    “The olympic Stadium, this is not a good spot. There must be a stage in the center of the city, ” says Michel Laplante, who made the drive from Moncton, nostalgic of the time where he came to see them play the Expos.

    Photo Étienne Paré

    Paul Branchaud


    Bad signal

    The ball is now in the hands of private investors. A possible financial participation of the City is more than uncertain.

    “Let’s say that the fact that Mrs. Plant does not come to one of the two matches, it sends a bad signal “, laments Patrick Rinfret.