The right arm of Philippe Couillard, Juan Roberto Iglesias, left his job in

News 6 December, 2017
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    The senior officer of the Quebec and right-hand man of Philippe Couillard, Juan Roberto Iglesias, is expected to leave his post on Wednesday afternoon.

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    QUEBEC | the senior officer of The Quebec and right-hand man of Philippe Couillard, Juan Roberto Iglesias, left, Wednesday afternoon.

    <img src="” />Photo courtoisieJuan Roberto Iglesias

    The council of ministers has endorsed his departure, in addition to appoint André Fortier as a replacement as secretary general and clerk of the executive Council. Mr. Fortier held since 2003 in various functions within the department of the executive Council.

    This movement in the bodyguard of the prime minister following the departure of his chief of staff, Jean-Louis Dufresne, last September.

    Even though the official causes of the departure of Mr. Iglesias have not been communicated, Philippe Couillard has suggested, in an interview to FM93, that changes like those made to his cabinet in the fall, especially with the departure of Mr. Dufresne, are sometimes necessary.

    “Sometimes, one wishes that the changes are done, the prime minister said. You know, this is normal. Even in the radio stations, it happens that we change staff. The change, it’s part of life, this is not a threat, it is necessary to be ready in the life of today.”

    A long-time friend

    Mr. Iglesias, a long-time friend of the prime minister, was the first official of the State since the coming to power of the government Couillard, in the 2014.

    However, he had had to be absent for several weeks in the fall because of health problems.

    “We’ve known for a long time, has recognized Mr. Couillard, during its passage in the studios of FM93. It is a public man remarkable. It has a long, long career of public services, both in the field of health that, of course, at the head of the quebec public service.”

    The prime minister has praised the “knowledge remarkable” Mr. Iglesias, a man who is “excessively effective to judge the records, adjust them, move them forward”, he stressed.

    “We’re going to get bored of him, but it was André Fortier takes over and then it is like that in an organization, there must be changes,” added the prime minister.

    A “significant loss”

    At the exit of the council of ministers, Pierre Moreau has praised the contribution of Mr. Iglesias, who has “completed its task brilliantly”, he says.

    “He is with us still to ensure a successful transition. This is a man for whom I have the greatest respect,” added the minister of natural Resources.

    For his part, the minister of higher Education, Hélène David, spoke of a “significant loss” for the québec public service.

    “Mr. Iglesias was a very good listener and takes the time it takes”, she stressed.