The ritual of the day of the vernal equinox on wish fulfillment

Techno 16 March, 2018

2018-03-16 20:19

The ritual of the day of the vernal equinox on wish fulfillment
The spring equinox is a powerful time of magic for ritual.

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The spring equinox is a powerful time of magic for ritual. They help to achieve new goals, to fulfill dreams, to realize intentions.

Spring finally breaks the shackles of winter, opening a new period of growth and flowering, so that nature itself supports you. There comes a time when a lot is possible.

Decide what you want and define how you will achieve it. Goals can be very different, both spiritual and practical. It is good to conduct a love ritual that will help you attract, to restore, to revive or start love and relationships. In the end, it’s Spring and the air is filled with love … And maybe you want to develop a business project, gain financial independence or to move to another city. Any desire that is related to something new, can be carried out during the year.

• To conduct a magical ritual, choose a sunrise or sunset on March 20.

• For the ritual you will need: white and black candles, pretty paper and pen, seeds of any plant in a pot with soil where you plant them.

• Decorate the venue of the ritual flowers, suitable as potted plants, and those that you bought specifically for this day. Brightly colored flowers, like red tulips or yellow daffodils especially good idea for spring.

• Take two candles, white and black, which symbolize the balance of light and dark at the spring equinox, and light them. Place on your altar a dish of seeds and a pot with soil, paper and pen.

• Breathe in deeply to come into contact with the energy environment and visualize your goals as already realized.

• Take the dish with the seeds. Talk to the seeds, tell them about your dreams and that you have a big hope that they will be completed before winter returns. Say a seed with love, telling them about yourself and your goals. When you gave them love plant seeds in a pot with soil and pour. Place the pot on a Sunny window and remember that from now on you need to take care of the plants as well as to be mindful what goals have set for ourselves.

• Take a paper and write down your desires. Then fold this paper and get her to return to revision of the desires on the day of the autumnal equinox. Now it’s time to complete the ritual and the candles.

After finishing the walk in nature or take a walk in the Park. Note the trees and plants that are already blooming and feel the spring air. Talk about new beginnings and how you will implement them in your life.

If you plan to cook a special dinner the day of the vernal equinox, try to choose seasonal produce in your area and make sure to take vegetables and fruits of different colors.