The road 365 fear by cyclists

News 10 July, 2017
  • Photo Guy Martel, QMI Agency
    Road 365

    Catherine Bouchard

    Monday, 10 July 2017 20:56

    Monday, 10 July 2017 20:56

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    The stretch of route 365, in the county of Portneuf, where a cyclist lost his life on Saturday, is feared by many cyclists because of the heavy traffic, according to the president of the bike Club, in the county of Portneuf.

    “I’ll tell you frankly, it is scary to go there. In a platoon, it is necessary to be in single file, ” says Denis Ratté, president of the bike Club, Porteuf. Moreover, the victim of the accident of Saturday, Jacques Samson, was a member of that same club.

    Despite the new pavement, and a good space roadside on the road 365, including the place where the accident occurred on Saturday, Mr. Ratté is estimated that the coexistence between cyclists and motorists is difficult.

    “I read the comments Louis Garneau about this stretch of road. He said it was fairly busy. He is right. There are people who have cabins and there is a lot of movement, because it is the main section to go to Pont-Rouge, ” he continued.

    The death of Mr. Samson, age 57, has been a shock for the bike Club. The man-St. Basil was one of them for several years.

    Multiple collisions

    Mr. Ratté, supped with some of the members of the club when they learned the sad news, Saturday evening.

    “It has changed our evening. It is difficult to understand what happened, it is a stretch that goes in a straight line. Yes, it circulates quickly, but the vision is beautiful, ” said Mr. Ratté.

    He adds that since several years, there has actually been collisions auto-bike in the past in this sector, but none has been fatal.

    According to Mr. Ratté, Mr. Samson was a good cyclist. “He had several years of experience, it was a bit of cycling. The winter, it was also the fatbike “, he says.

    A group outing was scheduled for Saturday morning. But as the weather was inclement, several members have decided to leave solo or small group, since it is more safe.

    “Jacques has probably decided, I think, to go ride alone “, thinks Mr. Ratté.

    The head of the Club hope that one day the sharing of the road will be a reflex acquired property for all users. “There are still a lot of work to do,” concludes Mr. Ratté.