The rodeo urban does not skip Montreal

News 25 August, 2017
  • Camille Garnier

    Thursday, 24 August, 2017 23:29

    Friday, 25 August, 2017 00:01

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    The cowboys and cowgirls who came from elsewhere were more numerous Montrealers curious on Thursday to kick off the first rodeo of urban in the Old Port.

    Between the booth to launch of iron horse and rodeo mechanical, to the crowd, a modest one, was mostly made up of enthusiasts of the universe western.

    Jonathan Martin was out for the occasion her most handsome cowboy hat and shirt matched.

    “I love the rodeo to the adrenaline and jumps “, has excited the young man of 28 years.

    Like him, his girlfriend Stephanie Beaulieu had come from Lavaltrie in Lanaudière, with some reservations about the practice.

    “When they run after the cow to catch the lasso, it bothers me a little, it pointed out, looking embarrassed. My sister did barrel racing and I’ve seen it so often, I focus more on the riders and their skill. “

    A little later, Marco Frechette, his wife Eve and their two children took the time to enjoy the moment, sitting on a bench. They had made the trip from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, in Montérégie, to find here the ” spirit country “.

    “We’re going to see the rodeo tonight [Thursday], but we come mostly for the atmosphere and the hospitality of the people,” explained Eve Fréchette, the smile on his lips. It has already been in this kind of events and it feels a little family. “


    But in Montreal, the great family of rodeo is not unanimous.

    A few meters of the event, the activists of the associations for the animals ‘ cause Kara and Association Terrien had taken out their signs.

    “The rodeo terrifies the animals,” was the message that wanted to pass the quarantine of the protesters placed on each side of the entrance to the Jacques-Cartier quay.

    “A lot of people think that it is a family activity, but what they will see is an animal in a state of panic, declared the spokesperson of the activists, Genevieve Goizioux. We are in 2017, we can have some fun other than making them suffer of the animals. “

    In the Face of these arguments, the event’s producer, Maxime Lefebvre, was right in his boots texan.

    “Instead of showing in front, they would do better to come and see us, launched it amused. We have nothing to hide and we have a lot of respect for our animals. “


    But more than the hostility of Montreal, the rodeo urban seems to collide with their indifference. Most passers-by crossed on Thursday had no knowledge of the event and did not seem excited by the idea.

    The producer Maxime Lefebvre acknowledged to have sold 8000 tickets in advance out of a possible 18 000 for the four days that lasted the event.

    “In the universe in rodeo, we sell 10 times more tickets on the spot as pre-sales,” he added immediately. If you follow this ratio, it is going to overflow. “

    In the evening, at the time of the rodeo, the stands were full.

    The rodeo urban

    • Budget :$1.5 M
    • 125 cowboys
    • 100 horses
    • 50 bulls

    A cowboy in love of the bulls

    Photo camille garnier

    Sylvain Champagne has mounted his first bull at just 17 years old.

    It is by passion of bull that a cowboy came from the Centre-du-Québec engages in rodeo for 20 years.

    “Those who say that the rodeo is cruel to animals do not know what they are talking about and have never seen a rodeo, lance Sylvain Champagne. Me, I like the bulls I put on. “

    Like all great love stories, that of Mr. Champagne with the bulls began in adolescence.

    “I found the bull riding at 17 years old, at the Festival western de Saint-Tite, and I was immediately fascinated,” recalls Sylvain Champagne. Two months after, I rode my first bull. A true trip. “

    Twenty years later, the cowboy a native of Sainte-Clothilde-de-Horton will be one of the participants of the first rodeo in urban Montreal.

    Sylvain Champagne says feel always the same pleasure when he rides a bull.


    Yet the discipline has evolved significantly since its beginnings.

    “The technique of the cowboys has been perfected, but it is the quality of the animals that has made a great leap forward, analysis he is passionate about. For the past 10 years, the discipline has expanded, the breeders are working hard to have the best brigades and the beasts stronger. “

    Mr. Champagne thinks that the cowboys beginning Friday need to be prepared to have to tame the bulls tougher than in the past.

    “Me, I was able to raise my level as the bulls improved,” he says. But the little guy who comes in now, he starts facing to the beasts, exceptional. “