The sacred art of Christmas cards

News 22 December, 2017
  • Guillaume St-Pierre

    Friday, 22 December 2017 22:33

    Friday, 22 December 2017 22:33

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    OTTAWA | The sending of Christmas cards by politicians of all kinds is an age-old tradition of seasonal. The exercise may seem trivial, but the risk of a faux pas are numerous in the era of social networks, according to an expert.

    “Before, the sending of cards was relevant because it appeared less politicians, then they had more need to communicate, supports Damien Hallegatte, a professor of marketing at the University of Quebec at Chicoutimi. Today, we see so much that the Christmas card has completely changed vocation. It should be something special, out of the ordinary. “

    Clearly, some elected officials have not received the message, as the prime minister of Quebec, Philippe Couillard, and the leader of the Opposition, Jean-François Lisée.

    At the other end of the spectrum, the photogenic prime minister of canada, Justin Trudeau, seems to be well advised in the matter.

    Photo Guillaume St-Pierre

    The map of Justin Trudeau

    Despite a good effort, the leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer was on his side even a crust to eat.

    In Ottawa, the 338 members can send 2000 Christmas cards paid for by the House of commons. If they want to distribute more, the fees are deducted from their budget of mp, which is 335 $ 400 in 2017.

    In the commercial environment, the physical maps are losing ground to shipments of electronic devices. But the effectiveness of the letters of the cardboard is unparalleled, believes Mr. Hallegatte. Provided that you master the art of the sacred.


    Just as Justin Trudeau, the leader of the conservatives Andrew Scheer has put his family on his Christmas card. But the father of five children chose to put in “rank onion” in a context, rather “formal” with his wife and his children.

    Photo Guillaume St-Pierre

    The map of Andrew Scheer

    “This is rather basic,” says Hallegatte. It is a beautiful photo, but it is stagée. It is not in a logic of social networks, of voyeurism, in which we see them live and interact between them. “

    Conversely, the map of Trudeau is composed of several scenes of everyday life.

    “When you see Justin Trudeau with his family, he seems [to have] a normal family,” says Hallegatte. So it creates this link with the people. “

    “The photos of Trudeau are much better because you see it live,” he adds.

    Not to sell his salad

    The Christmas card is a ” golden opportunity to create a bond more human.” The message it contains has to go right to the goal, without trying to convince. “The Christmas card is an opportunity to make a selfless act, insists that Mr. Hallegatte. Politicians should not talk about their projects. “

    Both MESSRS Trudeau and Scheer as MESSRS. Couillard and Lisée have complied with this word order.

    A photo, PLEASE !

    Philippe Couillard and Jean-François Lisée have opted for simplicity. The cover of their Christmas card is generic. To the outside as well as inside, there is no picture of the heads, or their families. An error, according to Mr. Hallegatte.

    Photo Guillaume St-Pierre

    The map of Jean-François Lisée

    Photo Guillaume St-Pierre

    The map of Philippe Couillard

    “The Christmas card, it is to create a relationship more human. The photo is indispensable. A generic card of poor quality it is useless, even harmful, because it can be perceived as waste “, he explains.