The Samsung Galaxy S8 arrives with 646 new emojis

Techno 30 March, 2017

Who says new flagship says new emojis! And the 646 smileys offered by the Samsung Galaxy S8 should definitely make you happy.
Apart from the officialization of a flagship, what makes smartphones fans happy? When new emojis make their appearance! And while the Samsung Galaxy S8, which you can pre-order today and receive before its official release , has just been unveiled, 646 new smileys will land with him. Smilies that will be various and varied to make you even more attractive your messages on Messenger or Whatsapp. It must be said that the emojis have become unavoidable and allow to offer even more emotion, personality and style to your exchanges … new additions are always welcome what!
By taking a look at this site , you will be able to discover the new emojis that will be put at your disposal with the Samsung Galaxy S8. There are a lot of trades like researcher, astronaut, policeman, singer, painter … of all sexes and all colors of skin! The food (obviously) and other items are of the party to allow you to never run out of emojis. It must be said that with 646 new smileys placed at your disposal, the chances that you do not find one that corresponds to the emotion you want to pass may be weak. While iOS 10.9 will offer 69 new emojis , the South Korean type even stronger! Even on this ground, it is war. What do you think of these new smilies?