The Senate of Canada approved a gender-neutral changes to the national anthem In the World : Vladim

News 1 February, 2018

Representatives of the Upper house of the canadian Parliament on Wednesday approved a bill that confirms the fact of any change in the national anthem “O Canada”. From now on, the word “sons” there, it was decided to replace “us.” Info this is the official Twitter of the legislative bodies of the country.


Approved this bill was already in the third reading. According to available information, the text implies changes in the English version of the anthem. He refers to the replacement line, “patriotism is the inheritance of your sons”, where “sons” will be replaced by gender-neutral “us.” Now the last step for the entry into force of the law, it must be signed by the Governor General of Canada Julie Payett.
The lower house of the Parliament of Canada this bill approved.

Made he was also in 2016 by the ruling Liberal party. The main opponents of making any changes to the anthem are members of the Conservative party, but the liberals secured a majority in all houses of Parliament.

Patriotic French song, which became later the national anthem of Canada, was written in 1880. Its English version appeared 28 years, and officially the song “O Canada” was recognized as the national anthem in 1980. Up to this time were used by the British national anthem “God save the Queen”.