The ship “Progress MS-06” will undock from the ISS on 28 December

News 7 December, 2017

Information was received that the crews on the International space station will be replaced at the end of December 2017. Despite the rumors about the postponement of the undocking Russian cargo spacecraft from the ISS, “Progress” will leave the station on December 28.


Earlier some media published rumors about a possible postponement of the undocking of the space cargo ship Russian-made “Progress MS-06” from the ISS due to the fact that the station did not have time to conduct some important scientific experiment. However, representatives of the Russian rocket Corporation “Energy” declared that the undocking of the cargo ship will happen earlier scheduled on December 28.

It is worth noting that earlier undocking of “Progress” planned for 7 December this year, however, due to some circumstances it was decided to postpone it for twenty days. Later, there was information about the experiment, which took two weeks, which undocking wanted to move on early next year.