The small tip of the chef Emmanuel Macron to make him happy for the cocktails at the Elysium Gala

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Emmanuel Macron is a president greedy . Since the release of the documentary behind-The-scenes of a victory, all the French know now that it is insane cords blue. The new is not fallen in deaf ears, in the kitchen at the Elysée palace….

Jacques Chirac liked the poultry, and veal, François Hollande, chocolate, this is not a secret. Today, thanks to the documentary behind-The-scenes of a victory, aired on 8th may on TF1, all the French know a love of savoury dishes to Emmanuel Macron : the head of State would be crazy cords blue. A information who has not fallen in deaf ears, since among the 4.4 million viewers who gathered this evening in front of the program was the restorer of the Palace : the chief cook Guillaume Gomez, named best worker of France, who has seen many many policies pass in the corridors since 1997.

Indeed, as explained by Paris Match, Guillaume Gomez multiplies the attention to the respect of the president of the Republic. He regularly offers cordon bleu veal, turkey, chicken, or even cooked ham, raw and sometimes even smoked, according to a report d’“Europe 1”. To give pleasure to the husband of Brigitte Macron, it would slide even among the food placed on the buffet, cocktail reception at the Elysée : version miniatures of the tv original, for having to enjoy a few bites of crusty, out of sight of the first lady… that monitors the line of Emmauel Macron. The whole brigade in the kitchen is to small care.

It is the departure for Killian and Benjamin our apprentices. Congratulations to them and good luck. Thank you to the President of The Republic for the right words and sharing with our young people. Certainly a very beautiful memory for them #nosjeunesontdutalent #nosapprentisontdutalent #mercimonsieurlepresident #fierdemesgars #chefelysee #chefconnected #palaisdelelysee #presidencedelarepublique #paris #parisforeverever #parismonamour #parisforever #france #world #world

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