The snowfall prevented a mass snowball fight in USA

News 10 December, 2017

In USA a mass snowball fight was canceled due to snow. The event was planned to take place in new Jersey, Six Flags amusement Park. However, due to strong winds and heavy loss of wet snow, the Park management decided to cancel the holiday, to visit which has gathered more than nine thousand people.


It is noted that this game could go into the Guinness Book of records for the number of participants, but 15-cm layer of sediments made their adjustments. Last year’s Champions were the Canadians. Throwing snowballs there took part 8.2 thousand people. In the United States had hoped to surpass neighbors to the North of mass.

Adverse weather not only deprived Americans of a chance to have fun, but also damaged power lines. Because of the strong wind left without electricity residents of 382 million homes. For this reason, and from the local airports were unable to fly about 400 flights. The situation was exacerbated by severe glaciation.