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In the family Trump we ask, the eldest son ! Donald Trump Junior, affectionately known as Donnie, is currently the one of the american press in the wake of revelations damning about his youth unbridled. Return on the years of parties, sex and alcohol-the golden boy heir to the empire Trump.

Donald Trump Junior is the oldest son of Donald Trump and his first wife Ivana. Today, 39 years of age, the young man is now with his brother Eric one of the executives of the Trump Organization. Married since 2005, and father of 5 children, Donald Junior gives the image of a man stowed away. Yet, Donnie is regularly the subject of articles unflattering in the press that tell of his escapades and his faux-pas to say the least, embarrassing. Notably, he recently admitted to having met a lawyer in russia, to 2016 in order to get info compromising on Hillary Clinton, then a candidate for the White House in the face of his father. Follower of social networks and particularly Twitter, a taste he shares with the american president, Donald Junior had not hesitated to make public the e-mails incriminating for Hillary Clinton. A faux-pas which had earned him, according to the Daily Beast, the nickname ” Fredo “. A well-known character to fans of the Godfather as Fredo is none other than one of the sons of Vito Corleone, the one through whom all troubles come.

According to an article published in People magazine, Donnie has also been a youth for the least agitated when he was a student at the University of Pennsylvania. One of his former comrades had, indeed, told that the son of the american president was a partier fanatic and was mostly totally obsessed with the women : “everyone knew that it was better to stay out of Donnie Trump. Still a common point between the son and his father, known for his machismo and misogyny. Another old friend has also told that Donald Junior had a serious problem with alcohol : in the university, Donald Jr. was a real alcoholic. In all the memories I have of him, he staggers on the campus or passes out in public, with his arm in a sling because of an injury caused by the misuse of alcohol. Arrested in a state of drunkenness in 2001, he spent 11 hours in a cell. After his graduation, the young man at first refused to join the family business, preferring to become a bartender in Aspen in Colorado. As he confided to him-even years later : “To be honest, I drank a lot and I was doing a lot party. (…) and I didn’t know to do it in moderation.

If his problem with alcohol now seems ancient history, the son of Donald Trump, however, continue to defray the chronic, with his tweets in poor taste, as when he compared the reception of syrian refugees in candy poisoned : “If I had a bowl of Skittles and told you that three were going to kill you, is that you take a handful ? This is our problem with the refugees ” Donald Trump tries to get his brother in the right path, but it’s hard to give itself a good example.

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Donald Trump Jr.

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