The son of Ernst August of Hannover, husband of Caroline of Monaco, has held head to his father : despite the ultimatum he married Gala

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Ernst August of Hanover son is married to the fashion designer Russian Ekaterina Malysheva on Thursday 6 July in the town hall of the capital of Lower Saxony in Germany. A marriage which was, however, formally opposed his father.

Ernst August of Hanover had said no. The husband of Caroline of Monaco was strongly opposed to the marriage of his son.He had recently mentioned financial reasons. Worried for the future of his property, the prince had desired that his son hands over to him of the lands and forests in Lower Saxony. The prince had recently said in a German newspaper : ” The decision has for me not been an easy one to take, because it’s about my son. But I see myself forced in order to preserve the interests of the house of Hanover, and property, including cultural rights, which are owned for centuries “.

But Ernst August of Hanover has not bowed to the injunctions of his father. The young man is married to the fashion designer Russian Ekaterina Malysheva on the 6th of July last. Sublime, the young woman appeared wearing a pink dress and pale, signed Sandra Mansour. A first step in the wedding of the year in Germany. His father was obviously not present at the ceremony. But his mother, Chantal Hochuli, was present, as well as his brother, prince Christian, who is also preparing for her wedding with Alessandra de Osma. His young half-sister, princess Alexandra of Hanover, was also of the party.

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