The Spanish office of public Prosecutor insists on arrest Pokdemon in Copenhagen : In the World : Vladim

News 21 January, 2018

With this requirement in the form of the claim of the Prosecutor’s office appealed to the court, that he ordered the extradition, the European arrest warrant ex-President of the government of Catalonia. The latter can be used if Carles Pujdeme decides to move from Brussels to Copenhagen.


According to official data provided by the staff of the University of Copenhagen, former head of the government intends to Monday, January 22, to participate in the campaign “Catalonia and Europe at the crossroads for democracy”.

The decision on this issue the judge must take Pablo Llarena, which monitors the situation with Declaration of independence of Catalonia and all of the shares that are prepared for its implementation.

In turn, the Prosecutor’s office shall, without delay, to the European arrest warrant and extradition as soon as you get proof Pokdemon trip to Denmark.