The special constables in uniform as early as Monday

News 8 July, 2017
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    Camille Garnier

    Friday, July 7 2017 16:28

    Friday, July 7 2017 22:41

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    The special constables will give up their pants clown to put on their uniform classic on Monday after an agreement to pay had been entered into between their union and the government on Friday morning.

    “We consider that the proposed agreement is satisfactory, said Frank Perales, president of the Union of special constables in Quebec. In these conditions, the word order is to put on the uniform. “

    Without revealing the details of the agreement, Franck Perales explained to the Newspaper that the intervention by the president of the treasury Board, Pierre Moreau, had helped unblock the situation.


    The discussions continued on Friday for the normative aspect of the collective of agents providing security in courthouses and some government buildings (terms and conditions of employment, organization, and delivery of the work, movement of personnel, job security, fringe benefits, excluding insurance and parental leave).

    “We continue to discuss, but it is really on the aspect of salary it blocked it, said Mr. Perales. At this point, the rest should be a formality. “

    The president of the Union of the special constables of Quebec has indicated that Mr. Moreau would participate in a press conference on Monday to expose the details of the agreement reached between the representatives of the constables and the government.

    “From our side, we will hold a general assembly to consult with our members about this agreement,” added Franck Perales. Our opinion, as union representatives, is that it is a good proposal. “


    The special constables were demanding a revision of their pay scale since the expiration of their last collective agreement in march 2015.

    They felt that their pay was not in accordance with the risks incurred in the course of their work and wore pants clown and t-shirts of sheriff to signify their discontent.