The spectrum of mediocrity (2)

News 16 December, 2017
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    Get people to overcome can sometimes mean the brew a bit. This is the search for excellence.

    Mario Dumont

    Saturday, 16 December 2017 05:00

    Saturday, 16 December 2017 05:00

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    Gilbert Sicotte too hard ? They have, however, been many, his students and former students of the Conservatoire, to express publicly that he was the best of all the teachers on their course. Some have told me personally.

    Mr. Sicotte has no doubt made mistakes. Moments of impatience with some dark mornings of fall. But above all I believe that it is what I described in my review of yesterday : a bulldozer of excellence. He wants this to be good.

    As it respects the public and because he likes his art to the highest degree, he does not believe that the theatre can be the medium. He does not believe that a piece, including the game of the actors, should aim to be just correct.


    It is part of these people are highly demanding to themselves and as to others that are pushing the machine to search for a certain perfection. But is this still allowed in 2017 ? The answer politically correct is to say that with the right words and kindness, we can also achieve great results.

    However, in the reality of life, I am obligated to tell you that behind a very large number of the great success stories human, a bulldozer of excellence set the tone.

    Going to ask the question. In the best orchestras of the world, the orchestra leaders are they all soft ? If you show up at a rehearsal with the orchestra, and you don’t know the half of your scores, you think what ?

    The conductor will highlight this beautiful effort of having learned a half and your positive attitude ? No, it will show you pepper in front of everyone, and will curse your false notes. It will remind you that when one has the privilege of playing at the highest level, it is necessary to show the height.

    Standing Ovation !

    Have you ever thought that when you ovationnez up a show, it is possible that, beyond the talent of the artists, there was a boss, a stage director, a conductor who led the team firmly ? If it had not sounded the end of recess, a morning rehearsal, where everything was so-so, you wouldn’t have had this performance out of the ordinary on the evening of the first ?

    What I say is true in the sport for the teams that win the championships. Coaches have sometimes had to make a number of reminders, individual or collective. This probably applies also to the achievements for teams in other areas such as business and the sciences.

    In summary, the Gilbert Sicotte grow humanity. Their rejection of the mediocrity pulls the world up. Of course, we are in 2017 and it is necessary to find the right words, round the corners in the respect of each.

    But I beg you, never give up the pursuit of excellence, the name of a false kindness to all the world. Respect for others does not mean the weak universal.