The SQ would not lessen the Hells

News 9 December, 2017
  • File Photo, Anthony Lacroix
    The SQ promises to track on a daily basis the 70 members of the Hells Angels and the 187 members of their clubs supporters scattered everywhere in Quebec, like those photographed this summer at Sanair.

    Éric Thibault

    Saturday, December 9, 2017 01:00

    Saturday, December 9, 2017 01:00

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    Armed with a new “strike force” antimotards, the Sûreté du Québec promises to be “in the legs” of the Hells Angels and to track them down as they have rarely been in the past.

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    This is the priority that the director general of the SQ, Martin Prud’homme, was attached to his troops before going to take the reins of the Montreal police for one year at the request of the government, learned The Newspaper.

    It has authorized the creation of the ” response Team “, a new squad ongoing to intensify the fight against the bikers and intervene on the premises of each of their demonstrations of strength. The Hells are closely monitored by police officers of this brigade, by the end of the week, during the celebration of their 40th anniversary.

    Fight fire with fire

    “Mr. Prud’homme has clearly made it his priority, has confirmed the inspector Guy Lapointe. Motorcyclists are more present than ever. They are displayed with impunity and intimidation. We’ll fight fire with fire. We will be there in us also, and we will not let them do it. It is zero tolerance. “

    Photo archive, Joel Lemay

    The Hells Angels will be followed in the trace by a new squad of police of the SQ in the public events where they landed in strong delegation. They are seen here at the Bike & Tattoo Show in Laval, in 2016.

    Yesterday evening, police officers with jackets are well-identified to the fight against organized crime were legion at the Bell Centre, where members of the bikers attended a gala of the mixed martial arts.

    During the evening, intelligence agents have refreshed their albums, cameras and video cameras in hand. They are quickly spotted by the motorcyclists, who took the case without getting angry, smiling for their goals.

    Speech percussion

    Martin Prud’homme, a former investigator of the squad Wolverine, has delivered a fiery speech to the annual meeting of 300 officers-officers of the SQ this fall, according to our sources. He makes a parallel between “the rise” of the Hells of today and those of ” Mom “Boucher, who “attacked” the judiciary and the media, during the war of the bikers.

    Photo Chantal Poirier

    Martin Prud’homme, director general of the SQ

    “We’re going to put our foot on the ground, I guarantee you. We will never be intimidated “, he said in substance.

    In graphic terms, and impactful, he compared the fight to organized crime in “a game of football where it is not necessary to leave a square inch” of land to rivals.

    “Motorcyclists are roughly 300 in cash to their supporters. We are 5700 to the Safety and 15 000 including our partners from the municipal police. They will have it in the legs every day, ” he said in advocating the union of the forces between the Greens and the Blues.

    During this same speech last September, Mr. Prud’homme has specifically decried the intimidation of the bikers at the Festival western de Saint-Tite and at the agricultural exhibition in Saint-Hyacinthe, where they have sold out of promotional items before a report in The Journal encourages the authorities to hunt them down.

    The new boss of the SPVM has also recounted that at the time of Wolverine, he has heard of apprentices bikers boast of having broken the nose of a policeman in the hope of accelerating their promotion within the Hells.

    This fall, the scenario was repeated when a police officer of the Group Eclipse, the brigade of POLICE that patrol in the hot spots of the city center of Montreal, was struck in the face by a supporter of the Hells, according to our information.

    “We’re going to put the pressure, disturb and destabilize,” said Mr. Prud’homme.

    – With the collaboration of Antoine Lacroix


    The portrait in 2017

    The Hells Angels are back in full force. And they are now in control of the quebec market of the drug to the full. “The province is red everywhere,” said the Newspaper, police officers are well aware of organized crime, referring to the domination of the gang nicknamed the ” Big Red Machine “. Here is the current portrait of the Hells Angels in Quebec, five highlights. Eric Thibault

    A quasi-monopoly

    For the first time in their 40 year history, the Hells Angels control the drug market on the quasi-totality of the territory of quebec. According to our information, the bikers would have left the sector of Rivière-des-Prairies, in Montreal, the Italian mafia, weakened by his power struggle infighting and strikes by the police. And that is about all. The Hells receive a fee (or a cut) of 10 % of the revenue from sale of drugs from the traffickers to whom they “rent” their territory. Even the mafia pays this tax, which was unthinkable 20 years ago.

    A “wall” to break through

    The band has a dozen of clubs and supporters — the equivalent of the “clubs and schools” from the time of Maurice ” Mom ” Boucher, who disappeared after the operation Spring 2001 — consisting of not less than 187 members. A never-before-seen. These “small clubs” are involved in the criminal activities of the gang on the ground, to avoid the Hells full-patch of soiling. “The Hells have built a wall around them to protect “, has imaged an investigator with which The Journal is maintained.

    Cocaine and ” pills “

    Our sources are formal : the Hells have control over two markets much more profitable than the pot, they have virtually abandoned. They dominate the production and sale of synthetic drugs, such as methamphetamine (speed or ” peanuts “), passed at a loud volume in Quebec and exported to the United States. Each tablet costs five cents to produce. It sells for $ 5. And now, they matter themselves to the cocaine that they sell in Quebec, thanks to their contacts in Mexico and in the dominican Republic and Ecuador, two countries where the Hells in quebec have sponsored the creation of chapters of the gang. “They no longer really need the mafia “, after one of our informants.

    As a punishment

    Our sources believe that the section sherbrooke Hells is “punishment” because it is in its ranks that the SQ has recruited the informer main operation SharQc. Sylvain Boulanger was paid$ 2.9 Million for betraying his ex-brothers-in-arms. Former members sherbrooke have also integrated other chapters of the Hells, elsewhere in Quebec and in Ontario.

    Not the official leader

    No Hells Angels does not appear as a formal head of the organization in Quebec. But the police report that some members of the chapters of Three-Rivers and Montreal, who have received their patches during the famous war of the bikers, are a lot of influence and authority over the rest of the gang. Former Rock Machine that has joined the ranks of the Hells after this war, like Salvatore Cazzetta and Gilles Lambert, have played a greater role at the head of the club after the operation SharQc, but would now be more cleared.


    The Hells Angels in Quebec

    Quebec chapter

    • 13 members in good standing
    • Clubs supporters : Dark Souls (South Side)

    Chapter Three-Rivers

    • 16 members in good standing
    • Clubs supporters : Beast Crew, Deimos Crew, Devils Ghosts (Saguenay), Gladiator (Saint-Jean), Reapers (East of Montreal)

    Montreal chapter

    • 20 members in good standing
    • Clubs supporters : Headhunters (Drummondville), Devils, Ghosts (Montreal and Sherbrooke), Minotaurs (West of Montreal)

    Chapter South (South Shore)

    • 21 members in good standing
    • Clubs supporters : Demons Choice, Death Messengers Brotherhood

    Chapter of Sherbrooke

    • Suspended since the operation SharQc 2009

    In total

    • 70 members in good standing of the Hells Angels, currently in freedom in Quebec
    • 6 prospects (potential members)
    • 6 hang around (apprentice)
    • 12 clubs supporters approved by the Hells
    • These clubs of the notes are currently 187 members in the province