The square of Pythagoras will tell everything about you! Rather find out the truth!

Techno 2 February, 2018

2018-02-02 13:23

The square of Pythagoras will tell everything about you! Rather find out the truth!
What is the date of birth of the person and what she tells about his character.

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Numerology is a very interesting science, reports Rus.Media. By studying the figures that surround a person, she can tell a lot about a person’s character, personality and even predict its fate. Today I invite you to find out what lies behind the date of birth of the person and what she tells about his character.

For this we use the magic square of Pythagoras. All very easy and simple. Take a pen and a paper and paint according to the scheme below their values. You can also learn about their loved ones.

Calculations are not complex and therefore not everyone can handle it, but if not power, then I will gladly help. The square of Pythagoras will help you to learn a person’s character. As long as you know your date of birth.

For example, this man was born 31.01.1984.

Begin to fold:

1) the numbers of day and month of birth: 3+1+1=5;

2) digit year of birth: 1+9+8+4=22;

3) and finally, the two resulting numbers: 5+22=27.

Turned 27-the first working.

Now add the numbers of the first working number:


9-the second working number

Working from the first number subtract twice the first digit birthday:


21-the third working number.

In order to get the working number number, add the digits of the third number:


3-fourth working number.

Got two numbers:

1 number — date of birth: 31.01.1984

2nd row — working the numbers: 27; 9; 21; 3.

Count the total number of digits in the two rows. In our case, their 14. This means that people who are wondering, came into this world 14 times. According to Pythagoras, the man comes to earth 15 times, and then goes to live in another, better dimension.

Now draw a square 3 by 3 and divide it into 9 small squares as shown in the picture. In the first box enter all the units of the resulting 1 and 2-th number of digits, second two, third three and so on.

1111 – 22 – 33

Four — —

7 – 8 – 99

Now let’s see what will tell us these numbers.

Square 1. Character

1 — selfish;

11 — people are selfish, but can sometimes think of other;

111 — the man with a positive sustainability;

1111 — the character is strong-willed and strong;

11111 — tyrant and a dictator;

111111 is a cruel man, but loved ones will do anything. Very bad in communication. Such people are, fortunately, very rare.

Square 2. Bioenergy

Twos.No aura. The canal is open to active energy absorption. So people like old things (collectors). They are not bad attitudes, but at the same time trying to profit at the expense of others, “absorbing” their aura;

2 — bioenergy enough for life, but at the moment it is not enough, so we need to exercise. These people are ultra-sensitive to weather extremes;

22 — bioenergy is sufficient, such a person is able to treat other people;

222 — good psychic;

2222 — these people are very like the opposite sex. However, if you add three sixes (666), you need to be careful!

Square 3. Organization and abilities in the Sciences

No triples — a Very neat and punctual person that stands out among the surrounding cultural speech and good manners;

3 — these people all depends on my mood. They don’t like the mess, but cleaning, again depending on the mood(I want to – do. I want);

33 — good ability to exact Sciences(mathematics, physics, chemistry);

333 — the ability to Sciences. Neat to tediousness;

3333 — these people make good scientists. Distinctive features are pedantry, thoroughness.

Square 4. Healths

No fours — this man has health problems;

4 — health is normal; sickness start in old age;

44 is a very healthy person with a high resistance to disease, lively temperament;

444 — the same, only more pronounced.

Square 5. Intuition

No fives — the man was born with a non-kanalom intuition. He is active, trying to do something. Always thinking about their actions, but inevitably makes many mistakes. so people have to fight their way in life by hard work;

5 — channel outdoor, these people make less mistakes;

55 — highly developed intuition ( there may be investigators or lawyers);

555 — clairvoyants. Everything that happens around them is clear. They know what to do;

5555 — people podvlastno time and space, they can penetrate into other dimensions.

Square 6. Materialism

No sixes come into this world to obtain profession. Physical labor he disliked, but he forced them to do;

6 — earth people. Thinks about studying, but without the physical work he can not do;

66 — loves to work, although the physical work for him — just a hobby;

666 — an alarming sign. Very attractive and temperamental person, but require the partner is spending large amounts of money;

6666 — the man in his previous earthly transformations a lot of hard work.

Square 7. Talent

No sevens — the person will be talented in their subsequent transformations. And in the current of his life waiting plight;

7 — this person has a softly pronounced talent;

77 — the sign of very talented people. They are musical, have artistic taste, you can rivate. People of this sign is endowed with all good and bad. There are no closed doors. Even if he gets to court, will help him to win the trial;

777 -a special sign. These people face serious difficulties;

7777 is a sign of anxiety. People with this combination of numbers should be very cautious.

Square 8. Responsibility

There is no eight — person easily borrows, but not in a hurry to give;

8 — people with a strong sense of responsibility;

88 — highly developed sense of responsibility. This man is always ready to help other people;

888 — man is called to serve the people;

8888 — has parapsihologicheskie abilities, and also has ability in the Sciences.

The square of 9. Intelligence

9 — such a person must develop your mind;

99 — a clever head but given to the lazy;

999 — intelligent, successful man;

9999 — a man of rare mind, however rude or uncharitable.