The storm started on the south-west of Quebec

News 22 January, 2018
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    Monday, January 22, 2018 20:51

    Monday, 22 January 2018 20:53

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    MONTREAL | The storm predicted for the past few days has started to release its first flakes on the south-west of Quebec, on Monday evening, while the snow changed quietly in sleet during the evening.

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    According to Environment Canada, the precipitation should quickly leave their place to the ice storm during the night. “Amounts of precipitation, significant 10 to 15 millimetres are possible, particularly on the valley of the river of St. Lawrence and the valley of the Ottawa river,” warned Environment Canada.

    The regions of the centre and east of Quebec, for their part, can expect to receive between 25 and 40 centimetres of snow. “The regions of Charlevoix at les Escoumins will experience the largest quantity of snow,” said Environment Canada, while the Capital-National and Mauricie could receive, in their turn, the ice storm Tuesday morning.


    The storm started to hit towards the end of the afternoon, Monday, in the Outaouais region. “The road conditions are currently difficult. Please reduce your speed, leave early and don’t take any unnecessary risks.

    We love to talk with you and not of you! Be careful”, was, inter alia, invited the police of the MRC des Collines on her Twitter page, sharing a photo showing a snowy road with poor visibility.

    Due to the arrival of this cocktail weather, many organisations have put in storm watch and have invited citizens to exercise caution. This is particularly the case of Emergencies-health, which has called for motorists to be

    vigilant and pushing the movements non-essential.

    “Road users should exercise caution and adjust their driving according to the conditions of the road. In addition, they should inform the road conditions on the different platforms of the Québec 511”, she said the ministry of Transport, ensuring that his teams will be hard at work to clear snow on the 32 000 km of roads under its responsibility.

    School boards have also ensured to follow the storm closely. “The CSDM is carefully monitoring the situation regarding the opening or closure of its facilities”, he indicated the commission scolaire de Montréal.