The struggle of a family to reunite a mother and her son in the country

News 22 December, 2017
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    Friday, 22 December 2017 19:10

    Friday, 22 December 2017 19:10

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    Denis Lépine has been campaigning for four years to succeed to make to come to the country, the son of his wife, but once again this year, the family will not be together for the Holidays.

    Immigration Canada has refused the requests of the family to allow the little Miguel, 12 years old, to leave Moldova to join his mother in the country.

    Mr. Lépine has met Natlia Stina in 2013 and married her. Original moldova, it is now a permanent resident in Canada. She and her husband want Miguel to study in the country.

    “We want the child to have good education here. I mean, I’m Canadian, I’m a payer of taxes, I have the right”, pleaded he.

    But he suffered rejection after rejection in its applications to Immigration Canada. According to his lawyer, the agency is concerned that if Miguel gets a temporary visa to study here, it no longer returns to Moldavia, where is her biological father.

    “It is not for a person. The father, it will be almost five years that he has not seen,” says Mr. Lépine.

    In the judgments of the courts of moldova that we have consulted, it is written that a child can travel without the permission of her father. What he already did, by travelling to Italy and Israel.

    Mr. Lépine has even obtained the support of his deputy in his steps, even as the ambassador to Canada from Moldova. The child is currently living with his aunt. The mother of Miguel multiplies the back-and-forth between Quebec and the republic of Moldova in order to keep contact with his son and retain his / her permanent residence.

    “She finds it hard to travel all the time. A given time, it is costly,” argued her husband.

    A few days of Christmas, the family will be separated again. Denis Lépine wants one thing: a review of her file.

    “I don’t understand why they don’t leave the chance for Miguel to come, to give us a chance to prove that we are good people, that we will follow to the letter what they are going to give us as visa.”