The student alerted the police about the affair of his friend and teacher

News 6 December, 2017

In the US, 23-year-old teacher from Texas accused of molesting his 16-year-old student. Teacher secondary school in the Saypers Michelle Schiffer will be judged later this month.


About the relationship of the teacher and his fellow student told his classmate. He tracked down comrade and Michelle in a cafe fast food. The teenager continued surveillance and found that they sat in the car, and then went into the house and started having sex. The young man immediately informed the headmaster, and he reported that to the police.

The history teacher was immediately charged, and on questioning, the girl confessed to having sex with a student. The teacher posted all the details of his novel and even mentioned that before making love, they are often smoked pot in the car. The teacher was released on bail of 30 thousand dollars. Now she waits for court.