The Sumerians had contact with aliens? (photo)

Techno 1 February, 2018

2018-02-01 09:39

The Sumerians had contact with aliens? (photo)
According to these researchers, many of the figures portrayed discs and missiles flying across the sky, and even people standing around the aircraft.

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Some scientists suggest that the development of the Sumerian civilization was greatly influenced by aliens, reports Rus.Media. In defense of this theory, they cite the results of their research in which we studied the ancient drawings and texts written on clay tablets.

According to these researchers, many of the figures portrayed discs and missiles flying across the sky, and even people standing around the aircraft. Experts suggest that some of the signs drawn on clay tablets, meant flying ships of aliens.

For example, a sign depicting a long cylindrical object with a pointed end, was read by them as “Dean of the mountains” — “the gods of fiery rockets”.

The plate with the reliable image of the star

In the Sumerian legends mentioned “shiny round objects that fly in the sky like an eagle” and “the Shema that are on the sky.” While the word “promptly”, according to scientists, the Sumerians called alien flying saucers. The very name Sumer was written as “Ki Yong gir,” which means “land of the lords of the missiles.”

For example, in the legend of Gilgamesh the Sumerian king mouth said: “In the land where I come, I’ll find my Shem, and in the place where the Shema rise, I will rise in his Shem into the sky”.

And on one of the clay tablets preserving the history of the life of legendary king, is written the following: “First, the sky darkened, and then lit up with a bright flash of light, from which emerged the powerful “God of the Sun.”

For a while he looked at the people standing against him, and then left, taking with him a friend of Gilgamesh Enkimdu”. It is further stated that after travelling across the sky Enkidu died of a mysterious illness in which Gilgamesh blamed the “poisonous breath of the heavenly beast” (according to the researchers, it is nothing like radiation).

On the prints from the Sumerian seals, a lot of strange objects and creatures. The aliens and their technology?

Alleged contact with aliens Sumerians mentioned in the ancient Mesopotamian text, found in the library of king Ashurbanipal. It was written around 2500 BC In the legend tells of the king of Ethane on a nickname Good, who lived about 5,000 years ago.

Also mentioned that once in the town square near the Royal Palace landed “flying iron shield”, which left the tall, dark-skinned, fair-haired, dressed in loose clothing people.

They invited the king of Ethane to the ship and offered to join them on a journey to a distant planet. The king agreed, and the ship rapidly soared into the sky. Shocked Ethan saw out the window the Earth the size of a loaf of bread which soon disappeared from view. Traveling in a space ship, the king had visited Mars, moon and Venus.

When two weeks passed from that day, as Ethan flew to the “iron shield”, the court decided that he was dead, began to look for a successor. Suddenly in the sky appeared a flying ship, surrounded by fire, which landed right in front of the Palace.

Gradually, the flames calmed down and the ship came alive and unharmed, the king of ethane, accompanied by “gods”, which a few days staying in the Palace.

Imprint with Sumerian printing reliable images of planets

Further, the texts tells that the king once again rose into the sky, but on another vehicle similar to “iron eagle.”

Also during excavations in Mesopotamia, scientists have discovered the unusual print, which allegedly depicted the flight between Earth and Mars. Land on the seal drawn in the form of seven circles, and Mars is represented by a six-pointed star. Between them is a winged disk, flying between two distant planets.

In addition, on the seal also depicts two “God”. Scientists estimate that the age of this print is approximately 6 thousand years.