The supreme Court will address the dismissal of the guardians of the national Assembly

News 20 July, 2017
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    Guillaume St-Pierre

    Thursday, 20 July 2017 12:20

    Thursday, 20 July 2017 12:20

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    OTTAWA-The president of the national Assembly of Québec could he lay off security guards without allowing them to defend themselves ? This is the question that the supreme Court of Canada has agreed to settle on Thursday.

    As is the custom, the highest court in the country has not disclosed the reasons which push it to hear the call of the president, Jacques Chagnon.

    The history dates back in July 2012, when Mr. Chagnon, who is still today the president of the national Assembly, fired the three guards caught spying inside the rooms of a hotel.

    The survey showed that offenders were using on their hours of work, a camera of the parliament to zieuter the occupants of the rooms of the building next door.

    Last February, the Quebec Court of appeal has ruled in a split decision that Mr. Chagnon had not the right to dismiss the guards without submitting to the arbitration process union.

    The president Chagnon argues for its part that it has acted in the exercise of its privileges enshrined in the canadian Constitution.

    It has, according to him, the power to manage its way to the staff of the national Assembly and to expel the “foreigners” to ensure the smooth conduct of parliamentary business.

    The Court of appeal did not, however, rejected this analysis.

    The case will be heard in supreme Court in the coming months.