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News 6 February, 2018
  • Antoine Robitaille

    Tuesday, February 6, 2018 05:00

    Tuesday, February 6, 2018 05:00

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    The issue of stressful work conditions of nurses is becoming a real drag for the government Couillard in this last parliament is back in session before the elections of the 1st of October.

    In the circle of the liberal prime minister, it is feared that only crystallizes a kind of anger against the “doctors to the power”, as embodied by the prime minister and his minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette.

    In the Face of the revolt of the nurses, the government Couillard does not have any other choice than to be open. As well, Mr. Barrette, learned-on Monday, will meet with the Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé du Québec.

    That leads?

    The government cannot inspire of Robert Bourassa, who, in 1989, in full electoral campaign, had denounced the illegal strike of the nurses. Other unions had also adopted means of pressure, in solidarity.

    In the Face of these acts of defiance, Robert Bourassa, in search of a re-election, had, against his reputation as a “reed” that bends, opted for firmness.

    Five days of the election, he says : “there is another challenge for the 25 of September [1989] : who leads in Quebec? The public interest, the democratic authority or some groups that target specific interests understandable, but that the whole of the population cannot immediately assume?”

    Unthinkable, in the current situation, that the government chooses this type of rhetoric.

    First, the government Couillard does not face a slingshot “illegal”.

    In addition, in the eyes of many in the population, the liberal leader is at the head of a médicalocratie who was sympathetic to the doctors and condescending with respect to other health professionals.

    In this portrait, Gaétan Barrette embodies the minister friend of doctors, torturer of nurses.

    This obscures the fact that Mr. Barrette has inserted, in his laws 20 and 130 “sticks”, penalties, for situations where the doctors, got an overdose of carrots (rewards multiple !), do not reach the objectives defined by the government.

    However, when he wanted to use them, at the time of negotiations, both with the omni, the specialists, the prime minister was ejected. The doctors have won.

    To do with

    In a fury to have been so excluded, Mr. Barrette would have thought to resign, then change their mind. The departure of the “pit bull” may have made life easier in Philippe Couillard…

    Ask him to leave would be risky to transform into the opponent, and would have suggested that the government désavouait its reforms.

    Mr. Couillard must therefore now deal with him. On 29 January, he has even shipped to Shanghai, a video message of support that was shown at the investiture of Mr. Barrette in Lapinière, in the Buffet of the continents.

    In the corridors of the liberal, it is noted that the boiling minister has made efforts to lower the tone in the last few weeks. His character is “fixed”, “impossible to break”, grieves-t-on, however.

    In this parliament is back in session, it will be the target of all attacks. Some of the QLP hope it turns out to be a sort of lightning rod… or, better yet, fuse.