The taxi London is under threat due to more severe regulations of the authorities : In the World : Vladim

News 15 February, 2018

The DMV of London plans to tighten the rules of operation of taxis and provision of taxi services companies. The authorities of the British capital are going to introduce new requirements concerning the use of data services, training of drivers and security of passengers.


In the transport Department point out that new technologies have created difficulties for agencies in this profile around the world, and so the London office will develop a “regulatory position” in respect of the new transport companies, among which was Uber. The head of the transport Department of London, Helen Chapman says that the increase in segment carpooling and other innovations forcing a rebuild of the regulation in accordance with the requirements of the next decade, not the previous one.

Earlier it was reported that from-for the become frequent attacks on passengers of the taxi company Uber, she refused to renew the license in the British capital. The licence ceased on 30 September 2017, but the appeal of the decision of transport Department of the company gave the opportunity for Uber to continue. This situation will continue as long as the complaint will not be considered.