The teacher of 2-year old child killed “didn’t see it coming”

News 6 September, 2017
  • photo special Collaboration, Amélie St-Yves
    Guylaine Renaud was the guardian of the little Luca Cuscuna. They will always remember the moment where she gave him a final “high five” last Tuesday.

    Amélie St-Yves

    Tuesday, 5 September 2017, 10:29

    Tuesday, 5 September 2017 23:48

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    THREE RIVERS | The confidante and friend of a mother accused of murdering her baby of 2 years old do not understand how this horror could occur.

    The educator Guylaine Renaud kept a few times per week, and the little Luca Cuscuna, 2 years. She is good friend with the mother, Marie-Lou Beauchamp Filion, 39, who was charged Tuesday with the premeditated murder of his son. The two women knew each other since high school.

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    Marie-Lou Beauchamp Said. Accused

    Ms. Renaud has seen Luca for the last time on Tuesday last, at his child care centre in The Garden of treasures, in Bécancour. After a day of playing outside with friends by a the days are bright, she made him her little high five to 16 h, while his mother went with him to the house.

    She had no idea that the small was going to die just three days later.

    “I didn’t see it coming at all. Even in his moments of anger or distress, she has never said that one day she was going to do to pay her child “, she said.

    Several family members of the victim’s father attended the court appearance of the alleged murderer Tuesday at the palais de justice de Trois-Rivières. They were all dressed in black and did not want to speak to the media.

    The accused will have to submit to a psychiatric evaluation of 30 days to determine if she is fit to stand trial, as it shows significant symptoms of depression.

    Difficult separation

    Guylaine Renaud knew that Mary-Lou Beauchamp Filion was going through a difficult separation and has spent many meetings over a coffee to listen to it, but there was nothing to suggest a outcome violent. The last time she saw her, everything seemed to be going well.

    “I know that I said the right things. I can’t do the job in his place. I can’t live his life in his place, ” says the woman, pregnant with 10 weeks of a fourth child.

    She has learned the sad news that on Tuesday, during the children’s nap, in an article on the social networks about the appearance of her friend.

    “I dropped my phone, I was shaking. I was trying to text to another mom. I wasn’t even able to write “, she says.

    The other mom quickly came to see the nursery. They are tight in their arms and cried together. The majority of parents are coming to pick up their children at the nursery, after having learned the identity of the accused.

    Guylaine Renaud does not intend to do the trial of his friend, on the public square. The message that she wants to launch is do not hesitate to seek help when distress overwhelms us.

    Maybe one day she will go to visit Mary-Lou, even if she does not know what she would tell him.

    “I don’t wish him harm, on the contrary. I hope that his son, where he is, will give him inner peace, ” says Ms. Renaud.