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News 13 March, 2018
  • Photo Pierre-Paul Poulin
    Martine Ouellet, Leader of the Bloc québécois

    Boris Proulx

    Monday, 12 march, 2018 19:25

    Monday, 12 march, 2018 19:25

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    OTTAWA | The media are to blame for the free fall of the intentions of vote for the Bloc québécois, according to its chief Martine Ouellet, after a survey by the Journal had predicted the death of the party if elections were held this weekend.

    “Do a survey in a context of crisis, with all the negative present in the media, one is not surprised at the outcome of the survey “, said the spokesperson of Martine Ouellet, Antoni Gilbert, for the single comment.

    A survey of Lightweight – The Newspaper revealed Saturday that only 12 % of quebec’s voters intend to vote for the Bloc québécois.

    Such a historic low that could wipe the party from the card in our electoral system, ” said pollster Jean-Marc Léger.

    Others point to the media

    A majority of Quebecers (52 %) and more than one-third of the bloquistes (36 %) believe that its leader, Martine Ouellet, is expected to leave his post, following the departure at the end of February to 7 of its 10 mps dissatisfied with his leadership and his vision, too eager to do the sovereignty of Quebec.

    Presidents of local organizations of the Bloc québécois who had supported Martine Ouellet have also pointed out a “climate in the media” against their leader.

    “After everything that happened, this is 100% the climate in the media [which explains these results],” says William Fayad, president bloquiste of the riding of Saint-Laurent, in Montreal.

    “All the news, and almost all of the columnists political speak of the situation with only one side of the medal and take it directly to the head,” says his colleague, Jocelyn Beaudoin, the president in Shefford, a district located in the Montérégie and the eastern Townships.

    They both said to wait until the dust has settled to have the real pulse of public opinion.

    Good news

    The seven mps have resigned from the Bloc québécois have been instructed not to comment on the polls.

    A person close to their new parliamentary group has indicated that the new self-employed have been encouraged by the fact that few of bloquistes (37 %) wish to keep Martine Ouellet as their leader.

    More than a third of Quebecers (34 %) and a strong majority of supporters of the Block (76 %) believe that the party is still relevant in Ottawa.

    This is to say the former chief Gilles Duceppe, the party can always get back on their feet, ” to the extent where it will be headed by new people “.