The true purpose of oral sex and other mysteries of sperm

Techno 22 December, 2017

2017-10-29 14:39

The true purpose of oral sex and other mysteries of sperm
What are the benefits of Masturbation? Why girls like men with experience? Why do people actually do oral sex? Unexpected answers.

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Episode 4. A single shot in goal

On the benefits of Masturbation

In the office new year’s excitement is the last working day before the holidays. In departments girls build tables. Many have already managed to change into something dressy. Finally abates vanity. All of us are called to celebrate. Chief, democratic left the office joking with his subordinates, raises the first toast. Soon the chaos subsides, and now the most quiet and hardworking will disperse to their computers, then zasobiralsya household mothers and fathers, will subside the laughter of the Secretary who was entertained by another Joker, and in the end will cease the intellectual debaters.

And then will come the real new year miracle for the young and beautiful girl who only recently arrived in the Department, and curiously to listen to office conversations to the very end, because in a huge strange city where she had come from the province, she essentially had nowhere to hurry.

Until she turns off the computer, out of his office again goes out of reach head and suddenly smiled, offering her to slam collectible whiskey in his office. To strengthen corporate relationships. In fact, he has nothing else in mind — she gets it after the third glass. But here she herself becomes the only pity is that the fictional Christmas story of Cinderella, and she begins to unbutton her shirt. “Oh, you!” he says and helps her.

After a long and somewhat awkward entry when she felt that nothing would happen, he asked, protected her, and the girl nods, thinking that she is about to start menstruating, she’s seen the marks on the linen, and, perhaps, is that protection for calendars. Here they do a surprisingly fast sex after which he immediately gets serious and calls, to access the machine. “Are you OK?” — he asks. “Yes,” she nods, although his eyes welling with tears.

When he leaves, she goes out enough to cry at the window covered with Christmas frost. And it turns out that in the office all this time was an unwilling witness — a young officer, who, frankly, are left to quietly walk through your favorite porn sites in your quiet corner. He is also nowhere to hurry, and imperceptibly they sit through the morning for the remains of the Christmas table, and at dawn, he comforts her, long and tender sex.

Soon she realizes that her menstruation has not begun. She speaks with the chief, who offers money for an abortion. The second potential father of the child has no money but he can offer his hand and heart. Young married, and the chief, appreciating nobleness, promotes the young person. Two years later, the couple gets another child. When the firstborn turns ten years old, she decides to make a genetic test for paternity. And it turns out that the two children she had from her husband.

The theoretical part

Sex once a week for those couples, is not fertilization, and protection from other males.

Use the methods of Dr. Baker and view under the microscope, as events developed in the body of a young Cinderella. Why does her head, although he received the “right of first night”, there was almost no chance of being the father of her child?

Therefore, she was expecting that she’s about to start month — this means that ovulation has long gone. In fact, this cycle was supposed to be her “unmarried” according to Dr. Baker, in women under 30 years ovulation does not occur in half of the cases (30 to 40 years this figure reaches 80%). However, as we know, intense sexual experiences can trigger egg maturation in all the most unexpected moment that happened with our heroine.

Head first was clearly the best partner for Cinderella that night. She made a sufficient pause after having sex with him to have his sperm that has penetrated into the cervix and took defensive positions.

Of course, it is no secret that men of higher social status, even if they do not possess the physical characteristics of alpha males (like our boss, who is actually a little interested in the sex) are more desirable partners than sexually active men of low status. Moreover, according to Robin Baker, the women not always interested in material wealth they can bring that kind of sex. Most often, they settle for the opportunity to get a good set of genes for their offspring. So do blue tit: females whose nests are in poor areas, whenever possible, strive to penetrate into the richer lands and merge there with the owner, and then, without claiming the resources back to your nest, to your partner-loser.

Cinderella entered in a similar manner: she did everything she could to get the dominant genes are superior. However, knowing that it’s unlikely to be her regular partner, have also made the location a young employee who took care of her offspring. But she omits one of the key factors in spermasau war.

Dr. Baker believes that for men it is frequency of sex. After all, the older the sperm, so they are less active, they have been unable to get to the egg and can effectively block the passages in the secret of the cervix. Sex once a week for those couples who are not too interested in the offspring, just performs this function — not so much to fertilize, how to protect the female from the encroachment of other males. It was the part spermasau army chief, who was not mistress, but about his duty he had been recalled a couple of times a month.

A very different way of life led the young employee. Nature has put into the hands of her husband a natural way to update their armies: during Masturbation old semen is discharged and before the battlefield is prepared absolutely up to date, highly active sperm composition. In his youth, when men do not have a permanent partner, his natural state — ready for a fight, not to defend. That is why, even if the young man does not masturbate, it is so frequent erotic dreams, during which he still updates the composition of his ejaculate.

In this form we find our hero. Orgasm girls that she simply didn’t manage to achieve during the first incident the night, with abundant secretions cleans the blocking sperm head and clears the way for the active fighters of her young partner.

Episode 5. Mimicry

A good mine at bad game

Men of higher social status are more desirable partners.

The girl and the writer met on TV, she was an assistant in the dressing room, he came to the shooting of the talk show. His attentions are very flattering, but externally, it was almost unpleasant to her to shiver. However, she gladly accepted his invitation to go to “art party” to the famous artist, hoping to tie useful contacts.

Along the way she pondered how to politely stand up to him and achieve the status of “friends”, but visiting it turned out that the resistance is not necessary: he introduced her to some boring programmer and almost immediately began ostentatiously to care for his wife, his old “military girlfriend”. She tried to stir up a new computer friend, and to cause jealousy of the writer, and the girl laughed loudly in response to flat jokes of his companion and took a seductive pose.

However, the writer did not even look in their direction, that led her to distract “horned husband”. When the girl asked the programmer how he is suffering, he replied that the writer actually homosexual, with women he has only friendly relationship.

Meanwhile, the writer did not look human sexual orientation — rather, the darling of all the ladies. He was surrounded by a chattering crowd of women, entertained them gallantly poured a drink, smoked a cigarette, whispered something in the ear, not forgetting to pay attention to our heroine. When in the middle of the night he offered the girl to escape and go on a RAID on bars and was already charmed and agreed without hesitation, hoping to be alone with him.

But it turned out differently: “fighting girlfriend” also went with them. On this trip he enjoyed their fight. The older woman constantly recalled past adventures with the writer, emphasizing their closeness, and exhibited a young naive fool. However, the girl did not give up, she adopted her young sexuality. By the end of the night all three were in the writers ‘ apartment, and he, sitting on the couch, lazily continued to watch as women try to sit one to one. In the end, “fighting girlfriend” the man called, and she angrily drove off. The writer embraced the “winner” and said he was very drunk and tired to get something. The girl asked:

— You… really like men?

— I had this experience. But it’s long gone, ‘ said the writer. — Who told you?

— The husband of your girlfriend.

— Ah… Yes, I lied to her once in the beginning, so as not to offend: it is not to my taste. You’re a different case. But not now.

However, the girl was so Horny the previous competition that did not want to leave without a trophy. Of “extraction” it has long turned into a temptress, and now used all their skills to achieve success in this role. The writer gave up under her onslaught, deftly pulled from the bedside of a lubricant and a variety of toys that allowed her to feel like a participant in sexual orgies, even without much effort on his part.

They also had only sex — inventive, but not too often. Nevertheless for many years she became his faithful secret lover and never married, endlessly saving him from drinking bouts with “combat friend”, jealous of leaving and returning.

The theoretical part

Men after fifty rapidly losing attractiveness for young women.

In this case we see an amazing example of mimicry. Nature gave the writer the physical data beta male: he’s not too attractive, not too interested in sex and, in principle, it would suit a permanent partner. While its material resources are unlikely to be enough even for this: disposable income is sufficient for the Bohemian lifestyle, when you can eat and drink at the party, but not enough for the home and family.

However, many women behave with him as the alpha male. What is the secret?

Dr. Robin Baker believes that in addition to physical sexuality and material resources the most important resource in the relationship between the sexes has experience. When a woman feels a man is skilled in sex and the courtship process, she subconsciously assumes that it has many partners found it sexually attractive. This means that it has a certain, perhaps vague, a characteristic that gives it a good strategy for reproduction and which is in fact valuable genetic material in spermasau war.

So, as money makes money, and the experience that attracts a new experience. But how to acquire the “seed capital” absolutely not experienced partner who has no physical attraction or material resources? Here Dr. Baker puts forward the interesting version: he believes that youth homosexual relationships are subsequently completely heterosexual people is the attempt to acquire the “seed capital experience.”

In addition to sexual liberation and the lessons of the gallant courtship, the writer discovered another interesting bonus is the homosexual experience: hiding behind this screen, he get along with Mature bored women who “walked” with the full consent of their husbands only as a friend, often at their own expense. These ladies were the perfect entourage for seducing young inexperienced girls. However, once it has found a permanent partner, then immediately abandoned for a new adventure and chose to support this relationship, playing with her jealousy and sacrifice.

It was the right time, the writer was forty five. According to Dr. Baker, our hero had no more than five years (and given his Bohemian lifestyle, perhaps even less as it was older) to attract young partners your experience. According to the statistical research of the biologist, the men after fifty, but only if they are not millionaires, rapidly losing attractiveness for young women. This is understandable: most likely, at this age, the partner will not have time to help a woman grow a potential offspring.

Episode 6. Reconnaissance

The true purpose of oral sex

The true purpose of oral sex — intelligence gathering.

Couple standing at passport control in the airport of Sharm El Sheikh. They are already over forty. He is sturdily built, balding, big guy in a Hawaiian shirt, pacified by alcohol from duty free, it is irritated, brightly dyed blonde. However angry she was not one: their child has just entered the Institute, have left the nest, they spend romantic vacation together. He saw no reason to to change your habits: alcohol, pool bar, pleasant acquaintance with compatriots, perhaps a small fight against the “nigger” indentured servants. But his lady have a hard time. She suddenly discovers that in the absence of sensitizing the child to her absolutely nothing to do.

However, it is quite standard and legkostyu problem for Egyptian resorts. At the taxi stand at the hotel instantly bolooki is a young Bedouin, is ready to carry Madame shopping and any excursions absolutely for free. In the desert Sands under romance “Habibi” from his radio it is inferior to the hot arms, but does not allow the boy on his white luxurious lap, and – unexpectedly for me — giving him a session of oral sex, which actually has always caused disgust. This time things are very different: the woman is very like what’s happening, she feels Italian porn star.

Over dinner she raises a favorite topic of her husband: how did local like monkeys as they licked at the white women, but in our hotel they are scientists, today’s driver did not dare to raise her eyes all the way, a good, expensive hotel, very well-trained staff, This boy, the driver knows all the best shops around! Counterfeit clothes, linen from Tunisia, where the French sewing. Will have to go with him. It’s nice when there is money on the best!

Men languished from dinner, she captures in the room, and for the first time they have sex, and she insists that he first caressed her everywhere, as soon as he can — it flies so far! During oral sex she really flies, ox-eyed thinking about chlopcik, with whom she will have a week of crazy sex in the back seat of his car. Thanks to the instinct that told her the best tactics of disguise, the husband never even suspects her of infidelity.

The theoretical part

Dr. Robin Baker says that the true purpose of oral sex is not more stimulation, as you might have thought until now, and the gathering of intelligence. Subconsciously, we can determine the flavor, healthy our potential partner, or the partner, were he or she has sex on the side, and in the case of a woman — whether it is in the phase of fertility.

In the last article we said that the most important weapon of women in spermasau against is its lubricant, which protects the cervix from bacteria and filters the army of sperm. At the time of ovulation this secret is especially fluid and can appear as a highlight on underwear.

If a woman is healthy, it smells good and it moisturizes the entrance to her womb, when she feels excited. An interesting feature of the female body is that some time after unprotected sex her body throws so-called “reverse ejaculation”: aktiviziruyutsya lubrication and the cervix is cleaned from alien bacteria, and the fold — from the remnants of sperm. It is this process that could give infidelity a permanent partner women if he was having her perform oral sex soon after the infidelity. Perhaps this is caused by the desire to “clean up” after the pleasures on the side.

In our example, we see how a woman calms a man in his suspicions: she knows that her body did not retain any traces of infidelity, and asks him to deal with her oral sex that he was sure of it. Her own unexpected experience of oral sex with a Bedouin boy and pursues hidden objectives in spermasau war.

First, she makes sure that her potential partner is healthy (because he is circumcised, our heroine strikes an unusual cleanliness and neatness of his penis, allowing her to enjoy). Second, it checks its sexual possibilities that confirm her wildest assumptions.

In relationships with alpha males, which women prefer to engage in short-term relationships, oral sex is practiced quite often also a third reason: women are subconsciously looking for a different smell of the partner, which would confirm that they made the right choice and really got “popular” person, who will pass their genes to the offspring of highly active male.

The formation of bonds

Robin Baker declares that each age is characterized by the formation of certain relations between men and women (we do not take into account those links that already exist). So, if you just met this interesting girl or woman, can, based on his and her age, to determine what will be a long love or a short-term affair. Purely statistically, of course!

The dotted line in this case means that in this age women are less attractive as a long-term partner. What they would like to see as a viable relationship, often ends up as a random communication or flows into a long, but secret love affair without commitments.