The Trump Organization and Facebook joined the American “hate list” : In the World : Vladim

News 3 February, 2018

Rating Agency 24/7 Wall St compiled a list of organizations that most annoying of Americans, ordinary citizens and businessmen of an average hand. The list in the United States is called hate list or “hate list”.


The leader of this rating was the national credit bureaus Equifax. He has the highest number of haters. Also on the first positions in the list were Facebook and the Trump Organization.

Bureau Equifax gained the hatred of Americans that has collected a dossier of nearly 800 million individuals and 88 companies from different countries. The specifics of the fiscal organizations is that its database does not once infringe the hackers. It is logical that the work of the Bureau, no one calls sympathy.

In addition, US citizens are outraged by the manifestations of snobbery in the activities of the Trump Organization. And Facebook your hit rating is bound by the uncertainty of the positions and the desire to please the authorities. Respondents also dislike Fox Entertainment Group. The townsfolk had no disposition, as an organization, “bend” by itself the American National football League. A huge number of haters got independent and still Fox News Channel.