The two main women in the life of Stephen Hawking

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2018-03-19 15:05

The two main women in the life of Stephen Hawking
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Died March 14 Stephen Hawking — one of the greatest scientists and geniuses of our time. However, to speak about his scientific achievements, we will not and said so much. But personal life of Hawking on this background always remained in the shadows. The main character was a very extraordinary man, and will tell you about some single event in his life, and remember his two wives played in his life a very important role. Not very attractive externally, from lack of female attention He didn’t suffer, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, the inability to speak and almost complete inability to move did not prevent him to marry twice. What he was able to subdue two women, who later married him, reports Rus.Media.

Jane Wilde

With his first wife Jane Wilde, Stephen Hawking first met in 1963. Shortly before doctors diagnosed him lateral sclerosis and measured only two years of life. This, of course, was for him a real shock and was thrown into a severe depression. Jane, you might say, became Hawking salvation and brought him back to life. She said that she was struck by the open smile and large eyes of the future genius — to stand are unable. And delivered to her lover, the diagnosis did not seem so scary. In 1965, 21-year-old Jane and 23-year-old Stephen got married.

When I first saw Steven, he was a young man who was waddling on the opposite street from me. The clumsy gait, the drooping down look, face, hidden from the world under unruly dark hair. Lost in thought, he never looked around and didn’t even notice us — a group of Schoolgirls on the other side of the road. He was an eccentric phenomenon in the Puritan nonsense and sleepy St Albans.

His sense of humor and independence won me over. It was so nice to hear stories of this extraordinary man mainly because he said, choking with laughter at her own jokes. Many of these jokes were about him,

— she recalled.

At first the couple were very happy, the disease has progressed, in their relations harmony, and two years later they became parents in 1967, Stephen and Jane had a son, Robert. Three years later, in 1970, was born their daughter Lucy, and in 1979 was born their third child — a son Timothy.

Then, in the family and had big problems. Parents by that time it was confined to a wheelchair, accordingly, not only could not help his wife in the care of children, but he needed it. Jane had a very hard time, and her emotional state leaves much to be desired. To live with her husband for her became painful, so she began to look for a man who could take care of her and children in the event of the sudden death of her husband. However, the long search was not necessary — Jane had an affair with Jonathan Jones, a family friend, who soon went to live with them. She herself, I must give her credit, continued to care for her husband and saved his life. In 1985 Hawking was seriously ill with pneumonia. The doctors insisted that Jane gave consent to disconnect him from the drugs of life. She to hear about it did not want and insisted on treatment.

Jane Wilde and Stephen Hawking with his son Timothy and daughter Lucy

The doctor asked me whether the staff to turn off Stephen from system of artificial ventilation of lungs, while he was still under anesthesia, or they should try to Wake him up. I was shocked. Disable the life support system was unthinkable. What it would be humiliating end for such a heroic struggle for life, the negation of all that he and I fought! My reaction was quick, I didn’t really need to think about it, with no one else to discuss: “Stephen must live”,

— Jane writes in his book “Journey to infinity”.

Hawking eventually survived and lived after more than 30 years. It is worth noting that in 1985 he had already taken several million dollars, and in case of his death, all the fortune would pass to Jane, but it seems she didn’t care.

A few years after that Stephen and Jane broke up, but He soon married a second time.

Elaine Mason

Ironically, the second wife of Stephen introduced his first wife. When to care for her husband, Jane was already hard, she hired his nurse Elaine Mason. He quickly got his eye and soon moved to it, and in 1995, Stephen and Elaine to legitimize their relationship.

Relationship with his second wife Hawking called “tumultuous and passionate”. However, the sincerity of the feelings Elaine doubted very many, and said that she was married to Hawking purely for personal gain (for a scientist she left her husband and two children). Ex-wife Hawking and their children, the ceremony generally ignored. There were even rumors that Mason raised a hand against a defenseless person and he treated him very roughly.

Despite the fact that he was brought to the hospital with bruises which testified to the brutal treatment of his wife, he never bad Stephen did not speak (so to speak, given that he was deprived of the ability to speak) about his second wife and noted that it greatly helped him, although some difficulties in the relationship they still had. This marriage lasted 11 years — Stephen and Elaine divorced in 2006.

The Hawking to life was treated very philosophically. “It’s important just not to give up” and “where There is life there is hope” is perhaps the most famous of his quotes, which he followed in his personal life.

Steven, in 2007, flew in weightlessness, and returned to Earth safely, giving the mass media a triumphant photo. The smile that shone on his face while he was floating freely, could cause the stars to move. It made me remember once again about what a privilege it was for me a journey with him — though not too long distance to infinity,

— said Jane.

The last years of his life Stephen Hawking held in Cambridge — where he had a house and a job at the University in which he was engaged until his death, although he retired in 2009. He had a great relationship with students and their children, who regularly visited him and were taken to a favorite restaurant on Sundays. He once said that “the Universe would not make sense if he was not a house in which they live favorite people.” And these people are in the great scientist’s life, fortunately, was.