The two worst signs of the Zodiac

News 16 December, 2017

2017-11-03 09:06

The two worst signs of the Zodiac
The list of evil and dangerous of zodiac signs.

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The ruler of Aries – energetic and impulsive Mars. In a good mood Aries is a wonderful friend and comrade. He’s not boring, he’s not lazy and is willing to help you. However, if you happen to catch the RAM in a bad mood, if you make him angry something, you will fall a real firestorm. Because it is the sign of the element Fire, reports Rus.Media.

Aries are quick-tempered and stubborn, it is difficult to agree, because not always they will listen to logical arguments of the interlocutor. Men of this sign often think that some issues can only be solved with his fists.


This Zodiac Sign is under the auspices of the planet Mars. In the normal state, the Scorpions, quiet and friendly. Someone may consider them naive. But not everyone knows that under the mask of calm periodically unfold the real storms of strong emotions. Belonging to the Water element indicates the sensitivity of the nature.

However, Scorpio rarely shows his feelings, preferring to keep them to yourself. But if to exhaust his patience, then you will fall anger is destructive. At such moments, the Scorpion really is evil and even cruel.

Only clean your soul from low passion and unworthy emotions, they are able to reveal for the good, peace and love. This path has to go to every Scorpio. They sometimes think that life is like the eternal struggle. First and foremost, it is important to win over yourself.

Let me remind you that human behavior is determined not only by its sign of the Zodiac, as the level of development of personality . And to be or not to be evil is a personal choice.