The UN will stop shipping products to the residents of Donbas due to the lack of Finance

News 6 December, 2017

Official representatives of the United Nations spoke about the interruption of the supply of food commodities to the territory of Donbass from-for an acute shortage of Finance.


The UN representative remarked that the programme for the supply of various food supplies to residents of Donbass should be completed in February next year. The UN noted that the lack of resources is felt in the long period and the supply of food to the Donbass was supposed to end in December of this year. However, due to humanitarian reasons, the UN has decided to extend the supply of goods for two months, to ensure residents of the occupied territories products in the most difficult months of winter.

The UN noted that the lack of Finance was the organization a surprise in the form of insufficient funding in recent years. We will note, according to official statistics, the number of people in need of assistance of food character on Donbass, since last year has doubled.