The unified Korea scores his first goal, but loses

News 14 February, 2018
  • AFP


    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 04:52

    Wednesday, 14 February, 2018 04:52

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    PYEONGCHANG, South Korea | A purpose for the story! The women’s team of unified Korea-a symbol of the reconciliation between the North and the South, scored his first goal of the Games to Pyeongchang on Wednesday, but lost for the third time in a row, against Japan (4-1).

    Randi Heesoo Griffin, on an assist from Yoon-jung Park, has found the opening in the 10th minute of the second-third-time of a meeting necessarily footprint of history in the face of Japan, the former colonial power in the peninsula, to the cheers of spectators at the skating rink of Kwandong, including the pom-pom girls north Korean.

    The player of american origin, 29-year-old took advantage of a blunder from the keeper japanese to score.

    But what are the Japanese, who had also lost their first two meetings, which were imposed 4 to 1.

    Fruit of the relaxation spectacular between the Koreas, North and South, two countries still technically at war, the team of the unified peninsula has 35 players, including 12 from the North.

    If it creates the excitement around it and had managed the feat of bringing together the south Korean president Moon Jae-in and Kim Yo Jong, sister of north Korean leader Kim Jong One, in the stands during the opening match, his results were not to the amendment: she lost 8-0 against Sweden, and then against the Swiss.

    Eliminated from the race for the quarterfinals, there remains to him the last two matches, rankings, Sunday and Tuesday, to try to avoid the last place.