The United States will put 34 F-35 the army of Belgium : In the World : Vladim

News 20 January, 2018

The United States will put Belgium 34 F-35 aircraft. Permission was given by the state Department.


American authorities granted permission to the supplied one Belgian fighter-bombers, G-35 in the amount of 34 units. For the resulting technology Brussels will have to pay 6.5 billion. The European country also has requested that Washington has four new motor to him Except aircraft the Belgians are going to buy in the USA elements of electronic countermeasures, weapons for the F-35, the mechanism for communication and control, parts for bombers and infrared reflectors.

According to the us military, if the deal goes through, it will provide an opportunity to strengthen the security of allies and to deter aggression in the region. Interested in this deal in Germany, UAE and some other European States.