The US can increase its military presence in Asia because of the threat of China In the World : Vladim

News 10 February, 2018

The US can increase its military presence in East Asia to counter the threat from China. Write about it in the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.


America is concerned about the growing influence of China and believes the new defense strategy, China’s threat to world order. The U.S. is considering possible ways of confrontation. Among them is a partial transfer of Marines from the Middle East to East Asia.

To throw the can expeditionary force of Marines MEU, designed to respond quickly to threats. It is about 2.2 thousand soldiers, located on a small amphibious vessels. Units suitable for marine, ground and air battles, rescue and logistics operations in support of allied troops. These units had worked in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria.

The decision to move has not yet taken. If will give the order, the MEU will patrol the site and educate allies in the region – reported the Robert Nellen, General U.S. marine corps.